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Keisha Alberty


Suzanne Anderson

Executive Assistant to the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Shane Apps

Senior Recruiter

Dr. Scott Argo

Assistant Vice President for Recruitment and Admissions

Cynthia Atwood

Lead Faculty, Criminal Justice

James Atwood

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Amanda Austin

Career and Academic Advisor

Dr. Syvillia Averett

Chair, Department of Mathematics and Associate Professor of Mathematics

Tyler Bagwell

Associate Professor of Communication

Linell Bailey

Career and Academic Advisor/Dual Enrollment Advisor

Justin Bargeron

Police Officer

Ashley Barnes

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Kristy Bennett

Human Resources Manager

Dr. James Benton

Professor of Accounting

Jamie Berrie

Lecturer of Mathematics

Jamie Bessette

Vice President for Advancement

Penny Bethune

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Dr. Robert Bleil

Chair, Department of Arts & Humanities and Professor of English

Dr. Carla Bluhm

Associate Professor of Psychology

Emily Boyle

Lecturer & Director of the Honors Program
Camden Faculty/Staff
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Business & Public Management

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