Jumpstart Your College Education with Spring 2023 Mini-Mester!

Also known as “2nd Session,” Coastal Georgia’s mini-mester is a shortened academic term that runs for eight weeks instead of the full 16 weeks of a regular fall semester. The same amount of content is covered, but in a more condensed format.


FLETC Partnership Program
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) College Credit Initiative Program

Welcome FLETC students! Would you like to receive college credit for your FLETC basic training program? How about counting FLETC basic training towards a degree? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we can help!

The College of Coastal Georgia enjoys a partnership with FLETC, and we award transfer credit for FLETC classes. FLETC basic training classes that qualify for credit include:
  • Criminal Investigator Training Program (CITP)
  • Land Management Police Training Program (LMPT)
  • Uniformed Police Training Program (UPTD)
We are excited about this opportunity to meet the academic needs of FLETC students and support the law enforcement community. For additional details about our program, reach out to our Coordinator.

College of Coastal Georgia Coordinator
Mandy Lesseig

Military Affiliated Students

If you are a veteran, you can find everything you need to know by clicking the link below:


Program-Specific Applications

Students applying for admissions to one of the specialized programs listed below must apply and be accepted through the general admissions process prior to completing their supplemental application to the program of their choice. Students looking to transfer into these programs need to submit a Fall application for admissions, as all our cohort programs have fall starts. The program applications will be available to accepted students within their portal:

  • Associate of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Associate of Science in Radiologic Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Education with a dual major in Early Childhood and Special Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education
Verification of Lawful Presence

In accordance with Board of Regents policy, all applicants who are accepted for admission or re-admission to the College of Coastal Georgia are required to provide validation of lawful presence in the United States in order to receive in-state tuition or other state benefits.


Tuition Classification

The College of Coastal Georgia may waive out-of-state tuition for:

Border State Residents: 

The College of Coastal Georgia now offers the equivalent of in-state tuition to all residents of South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee who meet the requirements for admission. There is a separate application for this waiver. Admitted students may apply for the Border State Tuition Waiver through MyCCGA Portal under Student Forms – Pre Enrollment Forms.

International and Presidential Out-of-State Students: A limited number of international student waivers and Presidential waivers are available to students based on past academic performance and potential to succeed at Coastal Georgia.

University System Employees and Dependents: Full-time employees of the University System, their spouses, and their dependent children, click here.

To apply for a TCSG or Georgia Public School Employees Waiver, click here.

Military Personnel – All Categories: Active Duty, Reservist, GA National Guard members or Recently Separated from the military personnel, their spouses, and dependent children. To apply for a waiver, click here.

Nonresident Student: As of the first day of classes for the term, a nonresident student can be considered for this waiver under the following conditions:

If the parent or U.S. court-appointed legal guardian of a dependent has maintained domicile in Georgia for at least 12 consecutive months and the student can provide clear and legal evidence showing the relationship to the parent or U.S. court-appointed legal guardian has existed for at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of classes for the term (legal guardianship must be established prior to the student’s 18th birthday)

If the student can provide clear and legal evidence showing relations to the spouse and the spouse has maintained domicile in Georgia for at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of classes for the term.

Economic Advantage: If a student or his or her parent/legal guardian or spouse relocated to the state of Georgia during the 12 months prior to the beginning of classes in order to accept full-time, self-sustaining employment and has established domicile in the state of Georgia, they may qualify for a temporary waiver of out-of-state tuition while establishing residency. A student who is given this waiver will still need to complete the full residency petition in order to be permanently re-classified as a Georgia resident after the 12-month timeline has passed.

Change Admissions Term
Steps to Completing Change of Term Application
  1. Select the semester you plan to attend from the available options below.
  2. Once a semester is selected, you will be prompted to complete the Change of Term Application.
  3. Submit your application (No fee required).

If you have attended any other college or earned college credit since, last applying to the College of Coastal Georgia, please submit your transcripts. All application materials should be mailed to: Office of Admissions, One College Drive, Brunswick, GA 31520

Change of Term Application: Spring 2023

Change of Term Application: Summer 2023

Change of Term Application: Fall 2023

Focus 2

FOCUS 2 is an online, comprehensive career and education planning tool available to all students and alumni. This interactive, self-paced system assesses your career planning status, personality, values, skills, and interests.

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