Ethics Hotline

Message from President Michelle R. Johnston

The College of Coastal Georgia is committed to providing an ethical, efficient, and effective work environment to facilitate successfully accomplishing our mission. We place a high priority on assuring that every member of our campus community has the opportunity and a process to convey any matter that could compromise our work environment. I view it as another pre-emptive action.

Reporting your concern through your supervisory chain frequently produces the timeliest resolution of a matter, and this reporting method is what Human Resources recommends. However, other reporting points are readily available, such as the Campus Police and the Office of Human Resources. We also provide a hotline reporting service through an independent company, NAVEX Global, which you can telephone at 1-877-516-3422. This service is available 24 hours a day, every day, and allows you to voice your concerns and to remain anonymous if you prefer. You may also provide information online by clicking the “Report a Concern” tab at the top left of this page.  The service also accepts attachments and documentation to support your concern. A report number is generated, and a PIN is provided so you can check the status of your report and respond to any questions.

Concerns you can address through this system include fraud, waste, abuse, and harassment of any kind. These are issues which directly impact our stewardship responsibilities and the wellbeing of our campus family. There may be other issues you want to bring to our attention as well, as a pre-emptive measure, such as areas that could be streamlined and made more efficient and effective.

The hotline is your system, and we encourage you to use it in order to achieve excellence and reach our vision of being a College of Choice.

Thank you for your commitment to the College of Coastal Georgia.


Michelle R. Johnston, Ph.D.

This system is not a 911 or emergency service. If you require immediate assistance please contact your local authorities.

You can also make a report via telephone by calling the number below toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

This website is operated by NAVEX Global, a third-party provider. This is not an emergency service.