Igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship for our students, community, and region.

Welcome to the Art & Lindee Lucas Center for Entrepreneurship at the College of Coastal Georgia. We believe that entrepreneurship lives in every human being, emerging in moments when the world needs our unique skills and ideas. We support students and entrepreneurs in the Golden Isles in three ways: We build communities to support entrepreneurship with mentors, peers, experts, regional partners, local businesses, and friends. We build capabilities for entrepreneurs with workshops, coaching, pitch competitions, college courses, and events. We support new and growing entrepreneurs on their path to accessing capital with our network investors, lenders, and partners.

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We believe that every student has the power and the potential to create their own future and empower their community. Students at the College of Coastal Georgia can minor in Entrepreneurship regardless of their chosen major, and access all of our programs and services for their business endeavors.

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At the Lucas Center, our volunteer mentors are the core of our support system for entrepreneurs. If you haven’t gotten involved yet, contact the Lucas Center to share your strengths, interests, and experiences in an impactful way. Our mentors represent decades of experiences across industries.

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Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

Join us for regular meetups, workshops, mentor talks, or sign up for one of our programs to help you start or grow your business. New and experienced entrepreneurs can find support, peer networks, opportunities, and resources to launch or grow in the offerings of the Lucas Center.

Building Opportunities


At the Lucas Center, find the support you need to start or grow your business. Our mentors, workshops, boot camp programs, and competitions challenge all entrepreneurs to grow into their potential.



At the Lucas Center, there are a few things we know for sure. Entrepreneurs are full of passion, energy, and an eagerness to do what they need to do to see their vision made real in the world – and they need help. From business planning to financial statements, strategy, human resources and real estate, mentors at the Center provide workshops, programs, and training, and they have the support and feedback entrepreneurs need in order to grow.


Starting a new business or growing an existing one requires support from across industries and sectors.


Our partners are available for entrepreneurs in our programs as their needs grow.

From seed funding, branding, web development, and childcare, to human resource counseling, real estate, and financing.

If your nonprofit or local business would like to join our network of partners, please reach out. We look forward to connecting and sharing the success and energy of our entrepreneurs with our community partners.

Sponsors and Supporters

Sponsoring Lucas Center Programs:

Consider becoming a Founding Executive or Director of the Lucas Center. Your gift will not only support the businesses currently served by the Lucas Center, but also help to cultivate and grow the businesses of tomorrow, allowing the Golden Isles and South Georgia to be a place of growth and innovation. 


The Lucas Center serves hundreds of startups, aspiring entrepreneurs, and small businesses each year. Our sponsors create impact in our community by helping our programs run multiple times each year for free and by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and students to access resources and education that would otherwise keep them from growing or launching their business.

As a sponsor donating more than $500, your name or organization’s name can be featured in our workshops, materials, and social media. Our sponsors giving $2,500 or more also have access to exclusive events, brand recognition in our materials, and regular impact updates sharing the value of their gift in the community.

Individual Supporters

Love the Lucas Center and its impact in our community? Consider a one-time or recurring gift to support a growing spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in our region. From workshops to coaching to pitch competitions, your generosity grows our capacity to do even more!


At the College of Coastal Georgia and in the Golden Isles region, our ecosystem is growing every day and presenting many new opportunities.


Our events for entrepreneurs, students, mentors, and the community connect all of us with the innovations and excitement of entrepreneurship.


Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned founder, or a mentor or advocate assisting, find the resources you need to grow here.


Keep up with what’s new, what’s brewing, and how the Lucas Center and partners are building opportunities in the community and region.

The Lucas Center is committed to inspiring entrepreneurship in our College, community, and region. We connect founders and aspiring entrepreneurs with the mentors, peers, resources, education, and partners to make their business goals come to life. We believe in the promise and potential of entrepreneurship for establishing economic empowerment, innovating solutions to our local and global challenges, and creating a better world and future for us all.

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The Lucas Center

Founded 2021

When Dr. Skip Mounts and lifelong entrepreneur Art Lucas talked over their regular breakfast about creating impact for our students and our region, they always came back to the power of entrepreneurship. As they watched local initiatives, start-ups, students, and development efforts surge and ebb, they recognized a gap in the small business ecosystem in the Golden Isles: there was no hub to connect resources, mentors, and the community with entrepreneurs and their ideas. The Lucas Center for Entrepreneurship was born to fill this gap.

Learn About Idea Bootcamp!

The Camden County Chamber of Commerce chats with Lucas Center Executive Director Ande Noktes about Small Business Idea Bootcamp!

The Lucas Center invites entrepreneurs from the College or local community to a free full-day startup business plan workshop.

Stay Connected!

Major & Minor-Lucas Center

Major and Minor

The School of Business offers a Small Business Creation concentration, available beginning a student’s junior year. Over the two years, students in this program with a 3.0 GPA or higher receive $1,000 each semester and build an executable business plan with the support of a mentor.

Students from any major can minor in Entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in starting your own business, or becoming a partner, please contact:

Ande Noktes

Ande Noktes

Executive Director of the Art & Lindee Lucas Center for Entrepreneurship