Lucas Center Friends and Founders

Lucas Center Friends and Founders

The Lucas Center is committed to inspiring entrepreneurship in our College, community, and region. Our supporters help to create an impact by choosing to donate time, talent, and resources to enable the Lucas Center to be able to provide free programs. These programs are offered multiple times during the year, enabling entrepreneurs and students to learn and grow, or launch their businesses. In just a short two years, the programs offered by the Lucas Center have already started to make an impact in the Golden Isles and the region. Below are just a few of the areas impacted by these programs.

Take an active stake in the continued growth of Coastal Georgia and the Lucas Center by donating today!

Consider becoming a Founding Executive or Director of the Lucas Center. Your gift will not only support the businesses currently served by the Lucas Center, but also help to cultivate and grow the businesses of tomorrow, allowing the Golden Isles and South Georgia to be a place of growth and innovation. Consider donating now by completing the form below.

Giving Levels:

Executive Level: $5,000+

Director Level: $2,000-$4,999

Friend Level: $500-$1,999

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