Criminal Justice

You have a strong moral compass and a desire to make a positive difference. We have the degree for you. At Coastal, our Criminal Justice degree program is focused on you and your desire to be a part of the solution to real-world challenges.

The field of criminal justice offers opportunities to contribute in multiple areas, including law enforcement, investigations, the courts, corrections, and cyber defense. Coastal Georgia's criminal justice major is focused on the knowledge that each of these areas and many others are important to the education of today's criminal justice students. We are preparing our students to be tomorrow's capable and prepared law enforcement professionals, and leaders who will contribute to public service and help shape public policy in municipalities and states, as well as domestically and internationally, for many years to come.

Our graduates have been employed by federal departments and agencies, including Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Customs and Border Protection, Transportation Security Administration, Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, United States Secret Service, and others, as well as numerous state and local departments, including Georgia State Patrol, Glynn County Police Department, Cobb County Police Department, Brunswick Police Department, and others. Other students have successfully entered graduate level programs or law school.

In addition to the strength and relevance of our criminal justice courses, our students benefit from our close partnership with the nearly Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC). Our criminal justice courses are taught by some of the finest law enforcement instructors in the nation. Additionally, our criminal justice degree provides students with key management and leadership competencies and critical thinking skills, further enhancing our program's focus on preparing our students for their futures.

The field of criminal justice is vast and includes positions such as police officer, detective, criminal investigator, special agent, probation or parole officer, crime scene investigator, intelligence analyst, border patrol agent, etc. Earning the baccalaureate degree in criminal justice is geared toward helping students learn real-world skills by pursuing a concentration in one of three distinct areas: homeland security, public management, or cyber defense. The strong combination of criminal justice with any of these areas of academic study will provide a thorough preparation for students as they pursue a career in the field of criminal justice.

Both of these Glynn County officers are Coastal graduates.

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Cynthia Atwood

Lead Faculty, Criminal Justice
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Concentrations in Criminal Justice