Coastal Georgia 2027

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In August 2021, the College of Coastal Georgia (Coastal Georgia) partnered with the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) to design and facilitate a consultative process of creating a new five-year strategic plan (2022-2027). The strategic planning process began with a series of listening sessions, ensuring an equitable, inclusive, and comprehensive planning process that provided internal and external stakeholders the opportunity to participate and contribute. A comprehensive analysis of the College's strengths and limitations and the opportunities and threats in its external environment was conducted. Strategic plan working groups were established for each strategic focus area identified through environmental scanning to develop goals, objectives, and tactics. To help inform the working groups' recommendations, feedback was gathered from a broad spectrum of the Mariner community - using surveys and in-person and virtual town hall meetings. These collaborative efforts resulted in six strategic goals with their corresponding objectives.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Defining a five-year strategy requires focusing on a select number of key priorities. To achieve Coastal Georgia's vision for the future, the institution will pursue meaningful and measurable progress in six strategic focus areas supported by three thematic pillars - Grow & Thrive, Excel & Lead, and Engage & Connect - reflecting the characteristics the College sees in itself and attributes it will continue to enhance. Institutional objectives provide the means for achieving and evaluating progress toward the six strategic goals.