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Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences at the College of Coastal Georgia - the College’s largest academic unit and home to many associate and baccalaureate degree programs. Whether you want to prepare for an exciting career in the Arts & Humanities, Education, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, or Social Sciences, our dedicated faculty and staff are here to help you discover your interests, challenge your intellect, and help you to plan your future.


The School of Arts and Sciences is a student-centered, socially-engaged school with an outstanding faculty focused on student success. We seek to educate students through innovative teaching and student engagement, emphasizing interdisciplinary education, global awareness, and service-learning. Our goal is to graduate students who are highly-trained, engaged, and socially-responsible citizens empowered to build their futures in the state of Georgia, the United States, and the world.

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Coastal Science Symposium

The Coastal Science Symposium brings students, faculty, collaborators, and community partners together to explore coastal and marine science research and applications to society. 

2022 Coastal Science Symposium

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Minor in Diversity and Inclusion

The College's new Minor in Diversity and Inclusion is an interdisciplinary program that examines social differences and inequalities related to human differences, including race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and disability. Students will be able to apply leadership skills and perspectives acquired in the diversity and inclusion minor to social institutions, civic participation, career development, and organizational cultures in order to promote a just and equitable society.

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Minor in Sociology

The College's new Minor in Sociology prepares students to explain human behavior and to apply sociological perspectives to address current social problems. Sociology courses examine various aspects of social life, including the social construction of identities, social stratification, deviance, the role of media in society, and many other topics.

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