Mariners Access Card (MAC)

 The Mariner Access Card (MAC) is the official College of Coastal Georgia identification card and the key to the campus. With it, you can access services, attend events, and make purchases on campus without the hassle of carrying cash.

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Manage your MAC in eAccounts

With eAccounts, you can add funds to your Coastal Cash account, as well as manage and monitor your campus accounts, including meal plans, Dining Dollars, and other functions.

Click eAccounts above to log in now. Choose "Single Sign-On," and sign in using your CCGA login.

Where to use your MAC

  • Bookstore: Purchase books, supplies, and merchandise using Coastal Cash.
  • Library: Check out books for class assignments and personal use.
  • Vending: Grab your favorite snack or Pepsi product at several locations.
  • Copies: Make copies in the library.
  • Events: Gain entry into sporting and other special events.
  • Fitness Center: Gain access to fitness equipment and classes.
  • Dining: Sit down to a good meal at Mariners Galley or grab and go from Dockside Deli.
  • Residence Life: Gain access to your residential suite.