Human Resources

Mission Statement

The Office of Human Resources at College of Coastal Georgia sustains the College in its efforts to employ, train, and manage its workforce in accordance with applicable federal and state laws, prescribed personnel policies of the University System of Georgia, and standards set forth by applicable regulatory agencies.
The Office of Human Resources administers services and program which are designed to:
  1. recruit, employ, and retain a diverse and well-qualified workforce;
  2. assure equitable and competitive salaries and benefit plans;
  3. enhance and recognize the performance of employees; and
  4. promote equitable and fair treatment of applicants and employees in all services and programs of the College.
It is the mission of the Office of Human Resources to properly balance and protect the rights and interests of the individual with the rights and interests of the College.

The Office of Human Resources is located in Administration Building 109. You may contact the department at 912.279.5740.

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