Center for the Arts

A Masterpiece
in the Making

The Center for the Arts will significantly advance our community’s economic viability, intellectual capacity, and aesthetic appeal for generations.

An auditorium for 1,000 guests
Professional-level acoustics
Space to accommodate musical concerts, dance performances, lectures, meetings, and other community events

Thanks to the Glynn County Board of Education and the residents of Glynn County, the Center secured $20 million from the successful 2015 ESPLOST referendum to fund the Center for the Arts construction.

Your support is the key to strengthening our cultural heritage and nurturing the creativity that lies within. We invite you to be a part of something truly extraordinary. It’s an opportunity to make a heartfelt commitment towards the $17 million needed to enhance and sustain the Center. Let’s unite to ensure that the Center for the Arts thrives. Together, we can enrich lives with the beauty of culture and create unforgettable experiences that will resonate for years to come.

Compose Your Legacy Amidst a Chorus of Appreciation.

A Center for the Arts $6,000,000
J The Tower  $150,000

M – Brancato Dressing Room
N – Dressing Room #2  – $75,000
F – Stage – $750,000
H – Diana and Reg Murphy Grand Piano
K – Green Room  – $100,000
K – Green Room  – $100,000
B – Endowment of Director Position  – $3 000,000
C – Hall – $2 500,000
D – Nease-Stembler Lobby
E – Theatre Plaza – $750,000
Q – Founding Friends (25) – $25,000

P – Audio/Video Control Room – $25,000
O – Box Seats – Five Years – $50,000
L – Box Seats-Endowed – $100,000
G – Seated Balcony Section – $500,000
I – Upper-Level Lobby – $200,000

A Very Special Thank You to Our Sponsors and Donors

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