Campus Traditions

Campus Traditions
Anchor Days

Anchor Days are scheduled for new Coastal Georgia students in their transition to the College. The days are designed to familiarize students with the campus and academic expectations, as well as to highlight programs and services that exist for student success. It’s also a time to meet other new students who desire to meet different people and make lifelong connections.

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Orientation Leaders

Orientation leaders are Coastal Georgia students who have tons of energy and enjoy meeting new people! OLs are a diverse group of student leaders who work throughout the summer months during orientation sessions, Weeks of Welcome, and Anchor Day. They are Mariners with one or more semesters of campus experience, and they’re happy to help our newest Mariners through the college transition.

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Welcome Week

The Office of Student Life partners with several offices and organizations on campus to plan Welcome Week events to help students get involved on campus, meet new students, and learn about campus resources.

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Student Government

The College’s Student Government Association strives to represent the voice of every Mariner. It ensures democratic representation and governance.

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Homecoming Week at Coastal Georgia is one of the most attended events throughout the academic year. Mariners celebrate with a variety of activities that are inclusive of everyone, and fun for all! The College finishes out the week by supporting the in-season athletic teams, crowning a homecoming court, and acknowledging alumni.

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Mariner Fest

Mariner Fest is one of the most anticipated annual events on campus for students. It is hosted by Student Life staff with volunteers from all across campus, along with community partnerships. Coastal Georgia students experience a variety of events and cultures including foods, games, and Coastal SWAG! Mariner Fest also provides a setting for student clubs/organizations to showcase their impact on the campus culture, and compete against each other for recognition.

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Late Night Breakfast
Late Night Breakfast

Late Night Breakfast is a bi-annual tradition that kickstarts the week of finals. Coastal Georgia students engage with each other and College faculty and staff in preparation for finale exams and assignments. In addition, clubs/orgs facilitate programs while faculty/staff serve students a late night buffet breakfast in Mariners Galley.

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International Fest

The College hosts the International Festival annually to celebrate the diverse cultures that are found in the Golden Isles. Guests enjoy international food, music, a marketplace, and more. The program is full of education and fun for all, and it brings our Mariners together to showcase different nationalities!

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Unity Day

Unity Day is the continuation of a tradition that began in 2021 which aims to further the College’s efforts for inclusivity on campus. The event highlights the importance of working together despite differences, and has a mission of reflecting, challenging, and celebrating a united community. It is spearheaded by the Student Government Association (SGA), and is a commitment to come together with the Brunswick and Golden Isles community regardless of age, experiences, gender, race, backgrounds, or abilities.

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Overboard Entertainment

Overboard Entertainment is one of the most exciting student organizations on campus. It provides innovative, fun, educational, and cultural events for all members of the student body and community. It’s also one of the organizations in which a student can get paid to create fun for others!

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Presidential Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors highlight the College’s most outstanding students. They work closely with the President’s Office and act as official hosts for special events and programs sponsored by the College.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

The College observes Breast Cancer Awareness Day every October to promote awareness and help raise funds towards breast cancer research.

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Camden Activities Board

The Camden Activities Board provides innovative, fun, educational, and cultural events for all members of the student body and community. It offers leadership opportunities and a chance to get involved with campus activities.

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