Student Government

Student Government Cabinet, Spring '24

The Student Government Association at the College of Coastal Georgia is a student organization that exists:

  • To ensure democratic representation and governance
  • To act as the voice for student concerns through service on college committees
  • To disseminate important information students
  • To assist in the allocation and approval of student activity funds
  • To promote campus pride and spirit on campus and in local communities around the College

Shortly put, student government at Coastal Georgia strives to be the voice for every Mariner.

Executive Board
Executive Board:

Kayla Markey – President
Bethany Watters – Vice President
Izzy Lowery – Treasurer
William Hamilton – Chief of Staff
Isis Sullivan – Director of Diversity
Ana Azuara – Director of Inclusion
Payton Miller – Director of Student Organizations
Chloe Cable – Director of Student Feedback
Natalia Willhelm Heguaburu – Director of Public Relations & External Affairs
Logan Zimmerman – Director of Special Initiatives


Donna Williams – At-Large Senator
Celeste Morgan – At-Large Senator
Mia Moore – Camden Senator
Francis Millen – Coastal Place Apartments Senator
Isaac Shaw – Freshman Senator
Thomas Judka – Junior Senator
Morgon Webb – Junior Senator
Brice McCarty – Lakeside Village Senator
Cheyanne Howard – Lakeside Village Senator
Joey Weaver – Mariner Village Senator
Emily Cavender – Senior Senator
Jaeden Hill – Senior Senator
James Eason – Senior Senator
Annalise Jenkins – Sophomore Senator
Lily Williams – Sophomore Senator
Val Stecher – Sophomore Senator
Kira Estok – Commuter Senator
Matheo Pasley – School of Arts & Sciences Senator
Denise Dees – School of Business & Public Management Senator
Ashley Valdivia – School of Nursing & Health Sciences Senator

First Year Program

The First Year Program (FYP) is a comprehensive initiative designed to introduce and mentor first year experience students who aspire to become active members of the Student Government Association (SGA) at Coastal Georgia. FYP provides students with the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to navigate their first year on campus while also preparing them for future leadership roles within the SGA. FYP is led and overseen by the SGA Director of Special Initiatives.


Corey Vine
Destin Paine
Donna Sanborn
Francisco Delamora
Jacob Budd
Joseph Zimmerman
Kaylee Britt
Taurus Luper
Zephaniah Mack

Coastal Concerns

As your advocates on campus, please click the link below to fill out this form with any feedback or concerns you may have.


The Deck

he Deck is a fully-functioning food and hygiene pantry on our campus opened by the Student Government Association. Its purpose is to support peers with the necessities they need, and to create community.

We want to continue to serve our fellow student body and pack bags based on your needs, and leave them for pickup in the Campus Center in order to maintain social distancing. All you have to do is fill out the following survey, and we will pack a bag for you, inform you of the contents before it’s sealed, and update you when it is finished.


The Deck

After surveying, 66% of our student body has shown to have an inadequate amount of food per semester. Institutions like UGA, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw, and hundreds more have created pantries. Now, it’s our turn. From start to finish, Student Government has been in the details of creating an environment for students to come by and grab any food they need to get through the week.

Our motto: “We never want anyone to have to worry about basic necessities.”

The Pantry
The Deck Donation Drop Box Locations:

*These are the locations a donor can drop off donations for the pantry.*

  • First floor of the ACN Building
  • Campus Center next to Mariners Galley
  • First floor of the Correll Building
  • Library

Here are some donation ideas for The Deck:

  • Canned food
  • Canned drinks
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Cereal
  • Old Clothing
The Deck
Contact Us:

Instagram: @ccga_sga
Phone: 912-279-5739
Office: Campus Center 2nd Floor