Student Employees

Student employees will utilize the OneUSG Connect application to view their personal information and to record time.

Introduction to Employee Self Service

This video is an introduction to the tasks you can complete and information you can view within Employee Self Service in the OneUSG Connect application.

How Do I View My Pay Stub?

Viewing your paystub is a simple process within OneUSG HCM. This video shows you how to view your paystub.

View my paystub

How Do I Update My Direct Deposit Information?

You can easily update your direct deposit information for your paycheck within OneUSG HCM. This video walks you through how to add, delete or edit a direct deposit account.

View/update my direct deposit

How Do I Request a Reissued W-2?

If you need a W-2 reissued for a specific year, this video goes through the process of requesting a reissued W-2.

Request reissued W-2

How Do I Report My Time Using the Webclock (Hourly Employees)?

Hourly employees are required to report their time worked. This video walks you through how to use the Web Clock to "punch in" and "punch out" of work.

Report time using Web Clock

How Do I Report My Time for Multiple Jobs Using the Web Clock?

If you hold multiple jobs at your institutions, when you record time, you will first need to specify the job. This video walks you through how to select a job for which you are recording time.

Recording time for multiple jobs using Web Clock

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