Adding Money to Your Mariner Access Card (MAC)

MAC Card Front Image

Adding funds to your Coastal Cash account is quick and easy – both online and in person using the PHIL Machine.


Students can log into the eAccounts website to add funds to their Coastal Cash account, as well as check their balance and view statements for the account. Once you have been issued your MAC card, please visit the eAccounts website and complete an easy one-time registration and confirmation of your student ID number. You will be able to use eAccounts immediately to make a deposit onto your Coastal Cash account using your debit or credit card ($20 minimum for debit/credit deposits). The funds will be available immediately for use!

Students: Is a parent or family member paying for your books this semester? Make it easy – anyone can make a guest deposit onto your Coastal Cash account at anytime using the eAccounts website! If you are already registered with eAccounts, and if the guest knows your last name and Campus ID number (9200*****), then they can make a deposit onto your Coastal Cash account. Guests will not have access to any of your personal or account balance information – they will only be able to make a deposit. Once the deposit is made, the funds will be available immediately for use on your MAC card in the bookstore, the Campus Dining Facilities, as well as at several vending and copy machines on both campuses.

Please remember – funds deposited onto your Coastal Cash account cannot be withdrawn via the on-campus ATM or otherwise, except upon graduation or if you permanently leave the College.

On-Campus PHIL Machine

Got cash? The PHIL machine, located in the copy machine area of the Brunswick campus library, is a quick and easy way to deposit money onto your Coastal Cash account. This machine will allow you to make a deposit using cash, debit, or credit card. To make a deposit, select “Deposit Coastal Cash,” insert your MAC card with the black magstripe facing up and remove it quickly. The screen will prompt you on how to complete your transaction based on if your deposit is cash or debit/credit card. Once your deposit is complete, the funds will be available immediately on your MAC card. Now you can make copies in the library without having to carry around a bunch of change, as well as make purchases at the bookstore and several vending machines on both campuses!

Adding Funds to the Discover Debit Account

There are several options for adding funds to your Discover account. You need to upgraded your card with Money Network. Upgrading is free and requires a one-time verification of your identity.

For more information about your prepaid Discover debit account visit and click the how to or frequently asked questions tabs at the top of the page.

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