By: Tedi Rountree
August 11, 2015

Stephanie Curry

Number 32, August 11, 2015

This is Stephanie Curry’s second year to serve as a campus orientation leader. The senior psychology major works as a student assistant in the Office of Student Life and is also a member of the new Blue Crew, volunteering throughout the year to serve as a tour guide for prospective students and their families during campus visits as well as answering questions for new students during Anchor Days.

“I think new student orientation is important. College is a big step and this is a new place for the majority of them. I want them to have the best possible start to the college experience,” she said.

“I stress that there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Once school starts, if they have a question, they should look for any of us wearing the blue ‘welcome back’ tee shirts. We’re here to help.”

She also recommended that new students take advantage of the Writing Center. “No matter how good you are, the writing coaches can help you become better. It’s a terrific resource.”

The Wayne County High School graduate (2012) lives in Brunswick now, but she was born in Mississippi and moved with her family to Jesup when her father retired from the military. She was initially leery about attending Coastal Georgia.

“I didn’t want to be known as Tiffany Curry’s little sister,” she admitted. [Tiffany Curry Davis ’13 (B.B.A.) works as an area coordinator in Student Affairs.] “It was tough at first, but I’ve made my own path and have my own friends. And I’ve matured since I started here.”

Her plan was to attend Coastal Georgia for two years and then transfer to a larger school. “But I got so involved, I just couldn’t do it! This is such a great college. I like that it is small but growing, really expanding into the community. There is more faculty, a wider network, and I know so many of the professors really well. They take the time to talk to me.”

Known for her positive outlook and outgoing personality, Curry is also a punster. “Dr. Umfress and I engage in verbal contests to see which one of us can be the ‘punniest,’” she laughed.

Her big dream is to travel. “After graduation, I’m planning to spend a chunk of the summer traveling across Europe, to England, Ireland, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, and Germany,” she concluded. “ I’ll think about graduate school after I get back.”