By: Tedi Rountree
August 25, 2015

Alexxis Mells

Number 34, August 25, 2015

Real life is looking real good to Alexxis Mells ’19. The Brunswick High School graduate and hometown girl is the recipient of the College Foundation’s  Real Life Scholarship, awarded to a graduating senior who has been active in the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Georgia and will be attending the College of Coastal Georgia.

Mells was awarded the scholarship by College President Greg Aloia at a special presentation in the pavilion of the Elizabeth F. Correll Teen Center in July.  “Receiving this scholarship means that I am one step further to achieving my goal of giving back to the community,” Mells said in thanking Dr. Aloia.

It was in the final months of her senior year in high school that Mells began to focus on her long-term goals and decided to pursue a baccalaureate degree in psychology. She recognized she could major in psychology at many schools within the University System of Georgia, but she wanted to remain at home.

“I’m not ready to venture out,” she admitted. “It’s too soon in my life. I want to begin by living at home and maybe I’ll move onto campus when I’m a junior or senior.”

She’s meeting new people as she finds her way around campus, but recognizes she would meet more if she actually lived in Lakeside Village. The idea of creating strong bonds of friendship is one reason she is interested in Greek life. “I’d like to be part of starting the Greek tradition here, of being part of a sorority. I see it on television and it looks like it would be fun.”

She also plans to join the campus Psychology Club, but is being cautious of how much she takes on this first year as she adjusts to the coursework and continues to work at the Terrill Thomas Boys and Girls Club on Johnson Street as a youth development professional. “I help the students with their homework, feed them dinner, keep them involved in youth activities,” she explained. “The Club serves as their home until their parents can get home from work.”

The work is special to her, because it is a way of giving back to the organization, which has been her after-school go-to since she was six years old. Her parents are college graduates (her mother earned her nursing degree at Coastal Georgia) and work. “I’m a hard worker, too,” she said, “and I’m always striving for success.”

Once she obtains her bachelor’s degree in psychology, Mells plans to go to graduate school for her master’s in social work. “My dream job is to start a non-profit organization similar to the Real Life program. My goal is to assist and encourage youth to receive a higher level of education and to give back in the community.”

After her first week of college, she already has a few words of wisdom to share with future freshmen: “Be prepared – know where your classes are on campus. And stay on top of your work. I already have a lot of homework after just two days of classes!”