Goodwill Home, Inc. Creates Scholarship at Coastal

September 16, 2021
By: Tiffany King

Goodwill Home, Inc. has established the Black Scholars Endowed Scholarship at the College of Coastal Georgia to benefit students in the Black Scholars Program. Goodwill Home, Inc., began in 1944 as a charitable institution to provide shelter, clothing, food and more for people in need, and helped the elderly and at-risk youth. Retired Honorable Judge Orion Douglass, former College of Coastal Georgia Foundation trustee and executive director of Goodwill Home, Inc., presented College President Michelle Johnston with $100,000 towards the scholarship.
“We created this scholarship in an effort to uplift the youth in our community. We’re honored to serve and support our citizens in this special way,” Douglass said.

The College’s Black Scholars Program was created to provide young African American men and women with the opportunity to grow as scholars, professionals, and leaders for their community, and continue the legacy of community, empowerment, and success. Coordinated through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the first part of the program is the Black Scholars Recognition Award that recognizes juniors from high schools in the Coastal Georgia area for their academic achievement, civic engagement, and leadership. Once enrolled at the College, those students can be a part of the Black Scholars Program and benefit from mentorship opportunities, leadership training, curricular and co-curricular support, and now the newly created scholarship.
“We are very grateful to work hand-in-hand with Goodwill Home, Inc., and provide this scholarship for students in the Black Scholars Program,” said Vice President of Advancement Jamie Bessette. “Goodwill Home, Inc., shares our values and commitment to help students overcome financial barriers that could prevent them from obtaining a degree. This scholarship will position students for greater success in reaching their academic and career goals.”
The Black Scholars Program is a new initiative at the College. The College hosted its first Black Scholars Recognition Award ceremony earlier this year.