College of Coastal Georgia Offers New Minor Degrees in Diversity and Sociology

October 3, 2022
By: Tiffany King

The College of Coastal Georgia is offering two new minor degrees to complement students’ majors and expand their educational experience—a Minor in Diversity and Inclusion, and a Minor in Sociology.

The Minor in Diversity and Inclusion is an interdisciplinary program. It provides students the opportunity to develop their knowledge of diversity and inclusion with courses related to cultural movements, psychology, media and society, women’s literature, history, intercultural communication, and more. Students will also examine topics such as race, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and disability to understand social differences and inequalities, and promote a more just and equitable society.

Interim Chair of the Department of Social Sciences and Associate Professor of Sociology Dr. Roscoe Scarborough led the creation of the minor. He wanted to create an opportunity for students to explore themes related to diversity and inclusion that would complement their interests and majors. To begin, students are required to take an intro course to learn the basics of class, race, gender, and equality, which is taught every semester.

“Students get a foundation in understanding social problems, and then they explore it in an interdisciplinary range of options that they choose,” Scarborough said. “It’s very flexible with a broad range of courses. This minor is not just for social science students. We want it to appeal to all, such as business majors, nursing, and education students.”

Scarborough hopes to have as many students as possible engage with the curriculum. He feels every student will benefit from it. The leadership skills gained through the minor can apply to a wide range of careers as students prepare for careers in a growing interconnected, global society.

The Minor in Sociology can be completed within about three semesters, and can be completed online.

“A lot of times, the themes in these courses are not covered in a business, leadership, or nursing curriculum explicitly. I think it complements a lot of what we’re already doing here, plus it’s a lot of fun. It helps with careers, complements our courses, and I hope it’s enjoyable,” Scarborough said.

The College also offers a Minor in History and a Minor in Psychology—a popular program.

“We would like to see more students in minor programs. They build upon what students learn to make them more well-rounded, mindful citizens,” Scarborough said.

To learn more about the Minors, please visit the School of Arts and Sciences page.

For questions about the programs, please contact Dr. Roscoe Scarborough at