Parking Regulations

Vehicle Registration:

All students (credit and non-credit) must register their vehicles. Credit students may obtain a permit for $30.00 at the Bursars Office. For non-credit students, the parking fee for one vehicle is included in the course fee. Additional cars may be registered for $30.00 each. The parking decal must be affixed to and visible from the rear of the vehicle. It may be applied to the rear window, bumper, or body of the registered vehicle. The decal number must be visible. If for some reason the student must drive an unregistered vehicle, he/she should carry a temporary permit at the Business Office before parking.

Parking and Speed Limit:

Student parking is available in Lot B (west of the Coffin Gym), Lot C (east of the Andrews Center), and Lot E (at the Conference Center). Parking in the small lot at the Campus Center is restricted to campus visitors only. Students with a disability should contact the Office of Student Affairs for information regarding special parking privileges. Parking is not permitted on roadways, sidewalks, crosswalks, or curbed areas. Traffic flow directions are clearly marked.

Monetary Penalties:

The following monetary penalties will be levied for the violations which are listed, in lieu of disciplinary action, by college officials or college committees:

  • Failure to register vehicle/display decal $ 10.00
  • Improper display of decal $ 5.00
  • All moving violations $ 25.00
  • Parking in a Fire Lane $ 50.00
  • Parking in handicapped area $ 100.00
  • Parking in a restricted area: 1st offense $ 20.00
  • 2nd offense $ 20.00
  • 3rd offense $ 20.00 – Disciplinary Action

Fines must be paid to the Bursars Office, located in the Andrews Building, within five business days of the violation. Students who do not pay fines promptly will have their student records placed on hold until payment is received.