Our mission can be summed up at the College of Coastal Georgia in two words—student success. That success is our passion and drive, but also our legacy. We pride ourselves on providing the big school feel with personal touches to make students feel like individuals and not just a number. We challenge and empower our students to be agents of change in a challenging and continually changing world. Our goal is to provide students with the tools to succeed once they graduate and venture into the future while reminding them that they will always be a part of the Mariner Family. 

Scholarships give deserving students the chance to access higher education without accumulating the amount of debt that many students find themselves with once they move on from college. 

The goal of many of the scholarships offered are to support students with the greatest financial need while still showing academic promise and with your support, you will be helping to guide the College and reinforce our commitment to an “every student, every time” approach.

Have questions about our scholarships or would like to know how to have one created? Please contact the Office of Advancement!