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Our mission here at the College of Coastal Georgia can be summed up in two words – student success. That success is our passion and drive, but it’s also our legacy. We pride ourselves on providing the big school feel with personal touches to make students feel like individuals, and not just numbers. We challenge and empower our students to be agents of change in a challenging and continually-changing world. Our goal is to provide students with the tools to be successful once they graduate and venture into the future, while reminding them that they will always be part of the Mariner Family.

Beyond what we do for our students is the impact we make here in our own backyard every day. The College has contributed $500,000,000 in the last five years to support the economic growth and prosperity of our community by focusing on providing high-quality education and workforce development.

Approximately 80% of our graduates remain in the Golden Isles after receiving their diplomas, adding their passion, skills, and knowledge to the local economy. Through our partnerships with local businesses and organizations, we have been able to provide our students with valuable internships and job placement opportunities. This benefits not only students, but it also addresses the workforce needs of our local businesses and industries. Two major industries we work very closely with are healthcare and teaching.

Through partnerships with organizations such as Southeast Georgia Health System, our nationally-recognized nursing program has been able to provide invaluable hands-on experiences in clinical settings. We are proud to play a major role in addressing the nursing shortage in our healthcare system with many of our nursing graduates remaining in the region, ensuring that our community has access to quality healthcare.

Our Teacher and Education Preparation program has been making a significant impact on the education of children and young adults in the Golden Isles. The program has been designed to provide our students with the passion, skills, and knowledge needed to become effective and inspiring educators. Our highly qualified and award-winning teachers are making a difference in the lives of their students and contributing to the development of our community.

Now, how does the Navigator Society contribute to the mission of the College? A navigator is someone who helps chart the course while also making sure that the journey is free of risk and danger. Our navigators believe in and choose to support our mission and passion that higher education benefits all. Your contribution of $1,000 or more in unrestricted funds to the Navigator Society will enable the College to continue this path of changing the lives of our students, while creating a lasting impact on our local communities here in the Golden Isles and across our great state.

President Michelle R. Johnston

Navigating the Success of the College of Coastal Georgia’s Community Impact

The College of Coastal Georgia is a significant and positive presence in the Golden Isles and beyond, not only as an exceptional institution of higher learning, but also because our graduates contribute to the heartbeat of the professional workforce throughout the region, evident with nearly 80 percent of our graduates choosing to launch their careers here, contributing to the vitality of the area.

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Founding Navigator Society Members

Admiral – $10,000 +

Mike and Dave Fox
Deb and Dan Luginbuhl

Captain – $5,000 – $9,999

Donna and Pat Godbey
Shirley and Tony Guthrie
Diana and Reg Murphy
Brenda and Mac Nease
Anne and Bill Stembler

Commander – $2,500 – $4,999

Bill Gussman
Jim Holler
Crystal and Cedric King
Kathy and Mike Scherneck
Cate and Rick Waddell
Deb and David Wright
Susan and Dave Zimmerman

Lieutenant – $1,000 – $2,499

Margaret Amstutz
Burch and Jim Barger
Jane Beadles and John Dunham
Chelsea and Shawn Boatright
Gayle and Al Brown
Barbara and Jim Bruce
The Brunswick News
Louise and Keith Calhoun
Sue Cansler
Cherise and Dialo Cartwright
Jeuslyn and Kavanaugh Chandler
Sandi and Rocker Channell
Susan and Bill Coleman
Pat Hodnett Cooper
Meg and Jack Crews
Cathy and Ed Farley
Cheryl and Tucker Grigg
Nancy and John Hamilton
Kay and Brent Hampton
Denise and Glenn Hansen
Carol and Duane Harris
Dana and Mike Hodges
Margaret Hutchinson
Susan Imhoff
Michele and Tim Jamieson
Michelle Johnston and Gene Pierce
Carla and Ron Kalil
Fran and Jim Kielt
Tara and Stephen Kinney
Tina and Bill Kirby
Ingrid and Peter Kolln
Janice Lamattina
Abra Lattany-Reed
Gail and Scott Ledbetter
Ben Lee
Amanda and Tom Lister
Joan and Stewart Long
Lindee and Art Lucas
Kirsten Mack and Jamie Bessette
Lynn and Joe McDonough
Debby and Steve Melnyk
Nancy and Jeff Molitor
Betty and Jack Moore
Susan and Don Myers
Missy and Marc Neu
Dana and Patrick Parker
Bonnie and David Perdue
Angie and Daren Pietsch
Sybil Ralston
Mimi and John Rogers
Diane and Woodrow Sapp
Mary and Carl Schellhorn
Kate and Todd Schermerhorn
Bonney and Billy Shuman
Carol and Ben Slade
Barbara Smith
Marybeth and Scott Steilen
Rosemary and Wade Strickland
Hillary and Bud Stringfellow
Anna and Freddy Stroud
Brooke and Rees Sumerford
Sindu and Hamsa Thota
Catina and Wayne Tindall
Jan and Lance Toland
Roxie and Curtis Tumlin
Cheral and Ben Turnipseed
Margaret Wagner
Janine and Jon Weller
Annette Wheeler and Dan Kelly
Millie Wilcox

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