Student Life

Campus Life is an important aspect of the full experience at the College of Coastal Georgia. Whether you're interested in student organizations and intramural sports, or concerts and events, the College has a wealth of opportunities for on-campus involvement. Currently, there are over 40 student organizations with more additions every semester.
The mission of Campus Life is to support the academic mission of the College by providing engagement opportunities outside the classroom that support the student's social, recreational, intellectual, and personal development.

Campus Life

A successful student is one who:

  • is actively engaged in their academic progress
  • develops diverse and meaningful connections with others
  • is respectful of policy, process, and timelines
  • contributes positively to the campus, local, and global community
  • acts as a self-advocate by utilizing resources to problem solve, provide appropriate feedback, and make informed decisions
  • enhances the skills necessary to succeed in life after college
  • has an increased sense of self-awareness and wellbeing.