Math Department Outreach

The Coastal Georgia mathematics department has an active outreach agenda to increase the level of mathematical skill and improve societal perception in regards to mathematics. Our outreach efforts are widest in Glynn County where we have developed a partnership with the Glynn County School System and are active members of their K-College mathematics vertical alignment group. However, we have a number of activities that reach Camden County, McIntosh County, as well as the other surrounding counties: Brantley, Charlton, Ware, and Wayne.

Free Saturday Tutoring for the Community

Since 2015, the Mathematics Department has offered free mathematics tutoring to anyone in the community on most first and third Saturdays during the school year. Tutoring is held from 9:30 - 12:30 in the Correll Building on the second floor. Anyone in need of extra assistance or practice is welcome to attend. Tutors include math faculty, staff and students; math education faculty and students; and local K-12 teachers.

Service-Learning in Glynn and Camden Counties

Service-Learning (SL) is a focal point at Coastal Georgia and several members of the mathematics department have embraced this learning mechanism in Coastal Georgia classes. Service-Learning is a teaching methodology that has students serving the community in a capacity that strengthens and applies classroom learning.

Dr. Laura Lynch has incorporated SL into MATH1111 College Algebra and MATH3010 History of Math that brings Coastal Georgia students into the local K-12 classroom to tutor K-12 students that have fallen behind in the curriculum. This forces College Algebra students to reinforce the background knowledge necessary to understand concepts of College Algebra and allows History of Mathematics students to gain perspective on mathematics education today and, specifically, how we teach mathematical concepts today compared to how they were originally interpreted. Each fall, Dr. Lynch incorporates SL into MATH1001 Quantitative Reasoning where students work with area middle schoolers through the Boys & Girls Club after-school program to discover the mathematics behind Fantasy Football while running a Fantasy Football League and competition.

Dr. Gracia Toubia-Stucky (retired) has worked with a large number of community partners to bring her MATH2112 Probability and Statistics students into the real world for applications of Statistics She has worked with the Glynn Art Association, the Fort Frederica National Monument program, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and the International Seafarers Center having her students conduct statistical studies and analyses for these organizations.

Mr. Treg Thompson has incorporated SL into MATH1113 Precalculus In fall 2013, the precalculus students took a number of mathematics related projects and turned them into a portable math demonstration cart with step-by-step directions for high school teachers to use as lesson plans This is an ongoing project for future precalculus classes. When complete, the cart will be able to tour high schools and STEM festivals. Future classes will have the responsibility of scheduling tour dates and updating/maintaining the cart.

K-12 Teacher Development

The mathematics department has been part of a number of grants to improve teacher quality in the state of Georgia.

Regional Math and Sciences Expo

Since 2013, the CCGA School of Arts & Sciences hosts a Math and Sciences Expo for the Southeast Georgia region The expo brings middle and high school students from Glynn, Camden, Charlton, McIntosh, Brantley, Wayne, and Ware counties either to participate in activities to improve their math/science knowledge or to compete in bowl competitions that test their math/science knowledge. Past activities have included robotics competitions and learning techniques for measuring large distances (like the height of a mountain!). There are also three different different bowl competitions: Middle School level, JV Level (9-10th grade), and Varsity Level (11-12th grade). The Math and Sciences Expo replaced the Southeast Georgia Regional Science Fair in 2013.

Expanding Your Horizons in Glynn County

Each fall, the Glynn County School System partners with Coastal Georgia to host “Expanding Your Horizons” (EYH), an event geared toward 4 – 8th grade girls to introduce them to interesting and unique topics in mathematics and science Dr. Laura Lynch, Ms. Sheila Ledford, and Ms. Canady participate each year to teach a group of girls about Platonic Solids and modular origami via “The Geometry Jumble.” Mr. Treg Thompson also presents at EYH to teach the girls about string art and patterns based on mathematical principles.

Robotics in Glynn County

Starting from a Service-Learning course in the History of Mathematics and a Coastal Georgia mini-grant written by Dr. Laura Lynch and (mathematics alum) Robert Chastain, math majors have shared the joys of robotics with local high schoolers at the Elizabeth Correll Teen Center. Dr. German Vargas and Dr. Laura Lynch teamed up with the Boys & Girls Club (who oversees the Teen Center) to write a grant that provided 6 Lego Mindstorms Robotics Kits (in addition to the 2 robotics kits given to the Teen Center from the SL mini-grant) and a 10-week robotics course for the Teen Center patrons. Now, Dr. Vargas works with our math majors each spring to continue to provide the robotics course and a love for mathematics, science, and engineering to the Teen Center.

Coastal Scholars

The College of Coastal Georgia has a “Coastal Scholars” program, organized by Political Science professor Dr. Tony Wege, which allows faculty to share their research and discipline with the Coastal Georgia community. Dr. Laura Lynch gave a presentation in fall 2014 on “Saving the World with Mathematics” that showcased several life-changing mathematical concepts. Dr. Gracia Toubia-Stucky (retired) gave a presentation in fall 2012 entitled “Storytelling and Statistics” which discussed certain fallacies.

SAT Prep

In spring 2014, Dr. Laura Lynch and Dr. Victor Vega organized an SAT Prep course for McIntosh County Academy. This free prep course consisted of four 3-hour Saturday Sessions at McIntosh County Academy, which allowed the high schoolers to review mathematical content and master test-taking techniques. These highly interactive sessions were also supported by Coastal Georgia students Kevin Ford and Brad Holloway from the Math and Engineering Club.

Many of our outreach endeavors have made it into the News.

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