Math Department Faculty

Math Department Faculty
Top Row: Laura Lynch, Treg Thompson, Thomas Hippchen, Syvillia Averett, German Vargas, Aaron Taylor, Tanya Cofer, and James Holt. Bottom Row: Jose Lugo, Sheila Ledford, Courtenay Miller, Victor Vega, Renren Zhao, and Ginnie Yancey. Not pictured: Cailin Noble and Jamie Rowell

Syvillia Averett

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Iowa
Phone number: (912) 279-4577
email address: saverett at

Interests: Representation Theory, Mathematics Education, Mentorship, and Student Development

Tanya Cofer, Department Chair

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Georgia
Phone number: (912) 279-5923
email address: tcofer at

Interests: Geometric Topology, Combinatorial Topology, Combinatorial Algebra, Recreational Mathematics, K-12 Mathematics Education and Undergraduate Mathematics Education

Thomas Hippchen

M.S. Discrete Mathematics, Georgia State University
Phone number: (912) 279-5855
email address: thippchen at

James Holt

M.Ed. Mathematics Education, Armstrong State College
Phone number: (912) 279-5967
email address: jholt at

Interests: High School and College Debate and Speech Competitions, Uses of Probability on Blackjack, Mathematics Education

Sheila M. Ledford

M.Ed. Mathematics Education, Armstrong - Savannah State College
Phone Number: (912) 279-5959
email address: sledford at

Interests: Mathematics education, Mathematics learning, Advising Learning Support, gardening, estate sales, canasta, bingo, and fellowship with friends and colleagues

José Lugo

Ph.D. Mathematics, Purdue University
Phone Number: (912) 279-5926
email address: jlugo at

Interests: Operator algebras, C*-Algebras, mathematics education

Laura Lynch, Assistant Vice President For Faculty Affairs

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Phone number: (912) 279-4548
email address: llynch at

Interests: Local Cohomology, Commutative Algebra, Homological Algebra, Mathematics Education, Service-Learning, Teaching and Learning

Cailin Noble

M.Ed. Mathematics Education, University of Central Arkansas

Phone number: (912) 279-5900
email address: cnoble at

Jamie Rowell

M.S. Applied Mathematics, Western Carolina University

Phone number: (912) 279-5932
email address: jrowell at

Aaron Taylor

PhD. in Mathematics, University of Memphis
M.S. Applied Mathematics, Georgia Southern University
Phone number: (912) 279-5853
email address: ataylor at

Treg Thompson

M.S. Mathematics, Purdue University
Phone number: (912) 510-3343
email address: tthompson at

Interests: Prime number sieves, Building models (physical and virtual) to demonstrate mathematical concepts, Mathematics education

German Vargas, Assistant Vice President FOR Academic Student Engagement

Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Wichita State University
M.S. Mathematics, Wichita State University
B.S. Physics, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Phone Number: (912) 279-5918
email address: gvargas at

Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Modeling, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis

Victor Vega, Dean of Arts and Sciences

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Iowa
Phone number: (912) 279-5946
email address: vvega at

Interests: Hilbert C*-modules, C*-correspondences and completely positive maps; stochastic matrices and graph algebras, Dilations of completely positive maps, C*-algebras, operator algebras and operator theory, mathematics education, course and program development and evaluation

Renren Zhao

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Missouri Rolla
Phone number: (912) 279-5961
email address: rzhao at

Interests: SaddlePoint Approximation, Equivalence Test, Actuarial Science, Machine Learning, Mathematics Education

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