Math Department Faculty

Math Department Faculty
Top Row: Laura Lynch, Treg Thompson, Thomas Hippchen, Syvillia Averett, German Vargas, Aaron Taylor, Tanya Cofer, and James Holt. Bottom Row: Jose Lugo, Sheila Ledford, Courtenay Miller, Victor Vega, Renren Zhao, and Ginnie Yancey. Not pictured: Cailin Noble and Jamie Rowell

Syvillia Averett

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Iowa
Phone number: (912) 279-4577
email address: saverett at

Interests: Representation Theory, Mathematics Education, Mentorship, and Student Development

Tanya Cofer, Department Chair

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Georgia
Phone number: (912) 279-5923
email address: tcofer at

Interests: Geometric Topology, Combinatorial Topology, Combinatorial Algebra, Recreational Mathematics, K-12 Mathematics Education and Undergraduate Mathematics Education

Thomas Hippchen

M.S. Discrete Mathematics, Georgia State University
Phone number: (912) 279-5855
email address: thippchen at

James Holt

M.Ed. Mathematics Education, Armstrong State College
Phone number: (912) 279-5967
email address: jholt at

Interests: High School and College Debate and Speech Competitions, Uses of Probability on Blackjack, Mathematics Education

José Lugo

Ph.D. Mathematics, Purdue University
Phone Number: (912) 279-5926
email address: jlugo at

Interests: Operator algebras, C*-Algebras, mathematics education

Laura Lynch, Assistant Vice President For Faculty Affairs

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Phone number: (912) 279-4548
email address: llynch at

Interests: Local Cohomology, Commutative Algebra, Homological Algebra, Mathematics Education, Service-Learning, Teaching and Learning

Cailin Noble

M.Ed. Mathematics Education, University of Central Arkansas

Phone number: (912) 279-5900
email address:cnoble at

Jamie Rowell

M.S. Applied Mathematics, Western Carolina University

Phone number: (912) 279-5932
email address: jrowell at

Aaron Taylor

PhD. in Mathematics, University of Memphis
M.S. Applied Mathematics, Georgia Southern University
Phone number: (912) 279-5853
email address: ataylor at

German Vargas, Assistant Vice President For Academic Student Engagement

Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Wichita State University
M.S. Mathematics, Wichita State University
B.S. Physics, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Phone Number: (912) 279-5918
email address: gvargas at

Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Modeling, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis

Renren Zhao

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Missouri Rolla
Phone number: (912) 279-5961
email address: rzhao at

Interests: SaddlePoint Approximation, Equivalence Test, Actuarial Science, Machine Learning, Mathematics Education

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