Reporting Emergencies - Hazardous Materials

Chemical Spills

Don't try to clean up a chemical spill unless you know the chemical(s) involved, the protective equipment and materials needed, and how to proceed without endangering yourself or others. In the event of a spill:
  • Give first aid (if you are trained to do so) to the injured persons.
  • Confine the spill by spreading absorbent material around the spill area.
  • If flammable liquids are spilled, extinguish all sources of ignition (such as Bunsen burners) and do not turn on any electrical switches (such as lights) or equipment.
  • Notify the Campus Police at 912.258.3133.

Hazardous Gas Leaks

For known or suspected gas leaks:
  • Turn off the gas source, if possible.
  • Extinguish sources of ignition. Don't turn on any electrical devices (such as lights).
  • Evacuate the room and shut the door.
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