Adult Learner Pathway

As an adult learner, you may be an experienced student or returning to learning after time away. At the College of Coastal Georgia offers we offer an admission pathway tailored for adults interested in pursuing a college education. This pathway is designed for all students who have graduated high school or earned a GED but have little or no prior college experience and/or are returning to college after being away several years.

Degree Seeking Students

Adult learners who apply on a degree seeking pathway must submit an application for admissions and proof of high school graduation or GED in order to be considered for admissions. For students who have obtained college credit at a previous college or university must submit official transcripts to the Office of Admissions for evaluation. Once received in the Office of Admissions, the student is admitted to the college and connected to Academic Advisement and consultation with English and Mathematics designated faculty. Placement for English will take place prior to enrollment. The Office of Academic Advisement works with the student to identify appropriate courses from the approved pathway list.

Admission Requirements

  1. Complete the Degree Seeking College Application—Apply Online
  2. Submit proof of high school graduation, GED scores and any college transcripts to the office of admissions:

College of Coastal Georgia
Office of Admissions
One College Drive
Brunswick, GA 31520

Point of Contact for Admissions

Kimberly Burgess
Admissions Counselor

Office of Admissions

Office of Financial Aid
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