Internal Audit & Advisory Services


The mission of Internal Audit & Advisory Services is to support College of Coastal Georgia management in meeting its governance, risk management, compliance and internal control responsibilities. The Director of Internal Audit & Advisory Services reports to the President, College of Coastal Georgia, and to the Chief Audit Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor, University System of Georgia.

Internal Audit - Effectiveness Questionnaire

Core Principles

The Core Principles, taken as a whole, articulate internal audit effectiveness.
  • Demonstrates integrity
  • Demonstrates competence and due professional care
  • Is objective and free from undue influence (independent)
  • Aligns with the strategies, objectives, and risks of the College of Coastal Georgia
  • Is appropriately positioned and adequately resourced
  • Demonstrates quality and continuous improvement
  • Communicates effectively
  • Provides risk-based assurance
  • Is insightful, proactive, and future-focused
  • Promotes organizational improvement


Charles “Chuck” Fell, CIA, CISA
Director, Internal Audit & Advisory Services

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