Need assistance with the basics of Brightspace (D2L)?


D2L can be accessed from any browser (although Chrome is highly recommended). The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of upgrades, maintenance and scheduled outages. Users will be informed of outages through portal announcements.

Need to combine two or more courses?

    Would you like to combine two courses into a single course in D2L, so you don't have to post information and resources multiple times? Good news! You have two options. Option one is best for classes with large enrollments (35 or more), but requires assistance from eLearning. Most requests are handled within 48 hours. Classes are updated once a week.

    Complete the form below to merge two or more classes.

    Option two is the do-it-yourself option. Simply manually add these students from the secondary section into the primary section using the Add Participants button in Class List. Option two works best if you have classes with small enrollments and want to manage the process yourself.

    Additional Information

    • This process only adds students from one D2L site to another.
    • Notably, the secondary and tertiary classes still appear on D2L. We recommend you post an announcement on Course News reminding your students to use the primary class site.
    • All students in combined sites will appear in one grade book and class list within D2L.
    • Combining students from different courses into a single D2L site does not alter the students' information in Banner/COAST.

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