Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Fitness classes are taught by certified instructors in the Group Fitness Room in the Fitness Center. Classes are free, no advance sign-up required. Patrons must present a valid CCGA ID (MAC Card) to gain access to the facility.

Body Sculpt: This is a moderate to high-intensity class that involves weights, body bars stability balls, and polymeric moves to strengthen and tone all major muscles groups.

Tabata Training: This high-energy class uses the principles of interval training to enhance your daily routine. Weights, bars, bands, stability balls and other fitness tools stimulate the entire body, leaving no muscle group untouched.

Yoga/Yoga+: For some yoga is purely a physical pursuit, keeping the body toned, strong and flexible. For others, yoga becomes more of a mindset and a way of living. Whatever your reason for practicing, or your level of experience find out what yoga has to offer. all yoga styles are based on the practice of physical postures (also called poses, or asanas), and some styles also incorporate additional elements such as breathing exercises (pranayama). Yoga + utilizes the same principles, but will add weights, bars, bands, stability balls and other fitness tools to activate the core and enhance your yoga practice.


MOVE IT gives you everything you need to deliver a varied, high intensity functional training program that engages members of every fitness level. Participants move through a series of workout zones, with intervals, equipment and exercises carefully chosen to challenge energy systems whilst developing total body, functional strength and endurance. MOVE IT can be run as either 30 or 45 minute workouts for maximum flexibility for clubs and members.

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