College of Coastal Georgia Alumni


We engage, connect, and celebrate alumni and friends of the College of Coastal Georgia.


We build lifelong ties to the college, and to one another, by cultivating pride in the institution and passion for its success so that commitment to the College of Coastal Georgia is a priority to its alumni and friends.


We believe in:

  • The College of Coastal Georgia: its past, its present and its future.
  • Providing students with the resources that lead to successful educational and career paths.
  • Connecting alumni and friends with one another.
  • Involving alumni and friends in the life of the college through a variety of activities and programs with broad-based appeal, including educational events, volunteer opportunities, print and electronic communications, meetings and gatherings.
  • Educating students about the rewards of membership in the Alumni Association.
  • Offering students and alumni opportunities for service and leadership.
  • Encouraging, utilizing, appreciating and recognizing volunteers.

Goals of the Alumni Association:

  • Develop and sustain a clear, consistent, and distinctive (genuinely CCGA) message and visual identity for the Alumni Association, one that supports the college message and is infused with the values of the Alumni Association.
  • Define and refine Alumni Association membership, benefits and goals for growth.
  • Foster educational opportunities that will strengthen alumni ties to the College.
  • Create new opportunities for alumni and students to become further engaged with College of Coastal Georgia through mentoring and networking programs.
  • Enhance student programs that promote understanding of the Alumni Association and provide opportunities for further engagement.
  • Create and maintain alumni connections through new uses of technology and find effective ways to continue engagement.
  • Support college scholarship and recruitment efforts.
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