Dual Enrollment at College of Coastal Georgia

Formerly known as the "Move On When Ready" program

Thank you for your interest in the Dual Enrollment Program offered by the College of Coastal Georgia. We look forward to working with you!

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment is a program designed for exceptional high school students who wish to take approved classes at the College of Coastal Georgia. When satisfactorily completed, such courses will count both toward high school graduation and college credit. Tuition for this program is funded by State revenues. Students can enroll only in courses approved by the high school counselor and those listed in the Course Directory published by the Georgia Student Finance Commission.

What are the Admission requirements?

  • Must be following an academically rigorous curriculum at an accredited Georgia high school
  • High school unweighted grade point average on academic classes of 3.00 or higher
  • SAT score of 970 must be achieved with exempting scores in the Critical Reading (430) and Math (400) sections OR ACT score of 20 on the Composite section with exempting scores in the English (17) and Math (17) sections. Please note that per state regulations, new SAT scores will be converted back to the old SAT scoring format. The 970 must be met after the conversion takes place.
  • Permission of parent and high school official
  • On track toward completion of high school graduation requirements

Note: You must also meet your high school’s Dual Enrollment requirements, which may be higher than the College’s minimum academic requirement.

What Steps Must I Take To Become A Dual Enrollment Student?

Step 1:
Discuss your plan to apply for Dual Enrollment with your parents and high school counselor. Work with your high school counselor to ensure you meet the Dual Enrollment requirements (i.e. GPA, SAT/ACT scores, etc.) If you have not received your SAT or ACT scores, you can still apply; however, your application will be on hold until your scores are received by the College. For faster reporting of scores, sign up to have your scores electronically sent to the College of Coastal Georgia at the time of your SAT/ACT registration. Your high school counselor will assist you in selecting your high school classes and your college academic advisor will assist you in selecting your college classes.

Step 2:
Apply to the College of Coastal Georgia .
If you wish to speak to an Admission Counselor to get more information before applying, please contact Shane Apps (sapps@ccga.edu or 912-279-5776).

Review the Dual Enrollment Admission Checklist and fill out the Immunization Records forms.

Step 3:
Apply online for the Dual Enrollment program through GAfutures.org. Your high counselor will be able to assist you with setting up your account. As a part of your Dual Enrollment application process, your parents must give permission for you to participate in the Dual Enrollment program. After completing the Dual Enrollment application, you need to meet with your high school counselor to discuss approved courses. You will need to re-submit this application for the Dual Enrollment program each semester.

Step 4: When you receive notification that you have been accepted to the College of Coastal Georgia, call for an appointment with your Dual Enrollment Coordinator at the College of Coastal Georgia, Mr. Linny Bailey, who can be reached at lbailey@ccga.edu or 912-279-4547. You will need to bring a completedParticipation Agreement form so that Mr. Bailey can help you register for your CCGA class(es). Some college courses have pre-requisites, which need to be met prior to enrolling in the course.

IMPORTANT: If you make any changes to your course schedule after your Dual Enrollment application has been approved, you must complete a new Dual Enrollment application and have the new course(s) approved by both your high school counselor and the College Dual Enrollment Coordinator.

CCGA Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Linny Bailey
Assistant Coordinator for Academic Services

Step 5:
Take a copy of your official college schedule to your high school counselor prior to the beginning of the semester to ensure that your high school class schedule is appropriately adjusted.

Step 6:
Plan to attend the Dual Enrollment Orientation at the College. All first-time Dual Enrollment students are required to attend. Parents are also highly encouraged to attend. Both students and parents will be given important information about the Dual Enrollment program and the College of Coastal Georgia.

What else do I need to know about the Dual Enrollment program?

  • You have the option to enroll in a College of Coastal Georgia meal plan. Learn more about the meal plan options.

Every term of enrollment as a Dual Enrollment, you must:

  • Complete an online Dual Enrollment application. This is required prior to each term you want to take classes, not just prior to your first term.
  • See your high school counselor
  • See your College advisor

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