Attendance Verification

To ensure compliance with state and federal financial aid guidelines, College of Coastal Georgia verifies attendance of all classes before financial aid is disbursed to a student’s account. If a student is not verified in attendance for a class, that class is dropped and financial aid is disbursed accordingly. If students are enrolled in second session classes, financial aid will not disburse to their accounts until after the class has begun and attendance verified.

Below are examples on how this new procedure will work:

Scenario 1:
Jane Doe is enrolled in 12 credit hours for the Summer Semester.
(All Classes start on June 3)
ECON 2106...3 hours
ENGL 1101...3 hours
MATH 2112...3 hours
PSYC 1101...3 hours
In the above scenario, Jane would have her financial aid disbursed for the 12 credit hours after having been verified in attendance.

Scenario 2:

John Doe is enrolled in 6 credit hours for the Summer Semester.
ENGL1101...3 hours (Class starts June 3)
HIST 2111...3 hours (Class starts July 1)
In this scenario, John would not be able to receive all his financial aid until after the class that begins on July 1 has been verified.
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