Sa1l Cyb3r

Our Mission as Sa1l Cyb3r is to facilitate the entertainment of students in and outside of the club. We practice our skills and learn to have fun in teamwork activities, we also equip our members with pertinent knowledge and tools related to the industry of cyber by introducing them with fun competitions. With this helps us to better understand the world of Cyber.

As a club, we participate in competitions against other Colleges, across the United States. Outside of the competitions we meet for a couple of hours each week to review what we did at those competitions and begin to practice/learn for either the next competition or just to learn Cyber skills in general.

National Cyber League

The National Cyber League (NCL) is our main form of competitions that we do in the club, listed below is the timeline of how the season usually goes.


  • At the start of the season, it starts with the Gym; The gym is open throughout the entire season and is the main tool through out the season, this is where you go to practice to get an idea of what is to come later. In the gym, all of the categories are open and you have unlimited tries.
  • Within each category you are given tasks to figure out, these are set in difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard.
  • What's great about the gym is they give you a tutorial of how to complete this task, which in turn can help later in the season, however these will not be 1:1 exact from the gym, but the premise of the task will be somewhat similar, similar enough for you to go back and look at the tutorial to get an idea on what to do.


  • The preseason is a solo game where you will see where you place in the United States, think of it as a Ranked game.
  • This is a solo game so you cannot ask for help from anyone.

Individual Game

  • Same process as the preseason only this time your rank is set so now you will see how high you can go in the leaderboard.

Team Game

  • This is the main game, the one that the not only the club but others around the one that other colleges have been working towards.
  • This time we can talk amongst ourselves and combine the knowledge we have learned to work together to come out on top

When the events end, the club will meet after that and converse on what they have learned and how we could do better next time.

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