Volume 5, Issue 10 - March 22, 2021

Faculty & Staff Scholarship
The third annual Virtual Coastal Scholars Showcase was launched on March 18, with a keynote address delivered by Dr. David Mulry, Professor of English - In the shadows of the “Heart of Darkness”: What Conrad kept hidden, and what he revealed. This year’s theme is entitled, Resiliency and Restoration in the Face of Adversity: Promoting Growth and Educational Sustainability. The event was open to the public, and the virtual platform will remain accessible for your browsing leisure (https://libguides.ccga.edu/coastalscholars2021). See what amazing scholarship and creative endeavors our faculty and staff are engaged in across disciplines!

Dr. German Vargas, Assistant Vice President for Academic Student Engagement, Brian Weese, Director of the Center for Career and Academic Advising, and Pat Morris, Associate Director of the Center for Career and Academic Advising, recently presented at the Momentum Summit on March 3. The Summit provides an opportunity for institutions across the University System to "take stock in their student success work and make plans for the year ahead." Coastal Georgia was featured at the Summit along with Georgia State University and Columbus State University in a discussion on how each institution has incorporated integrating career connections into the student academic journey. German, Pat, and Brian provided background information on the COMPASS Career & Academic Advising model and how this new model ties into the new College of Coastal Georgia QEP. Dr. Johnny Evans, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, served on a Summit panel with three other USG institutional leaders to discuss how they approach leadership and build a culture of adaptability on campus.

Dr. Maryanne Sandberg, Assistant Professor of Nursing, co-authored an article with Dr. Ann Elliott, a former classmate at the University of West Georgia entitled, "Teaching Social Justice in Undergraduate Nursing Education: An Integrative Review." The article will be published sometime this year in the Journal of Nursing Education.

As part of The Big Read, Dr. Roscoe Scarborough, Assistant Professor of Sociology, offered a presentation at the Brunswick-Glynn County Library on February 23 with Dr. Jeffrey Butcher, Assistant Professor of English, on the topic of “Examining Circe Through Modern Lenses: Feminism and Culture Industries.”

Dr. Mary McGinnis, Assistant Professor of English, presented her poster "REbuilding Online: Online Service-Learning, Student Engagement, and Community Connections" on March 15-18 at the 2021 Gulf-South Summit Virtual Conference. This poster shared IRB-approved survey findings to show how online students benefitted from service-learning and community-engaged scholarship.

Dr. Heather Farley (Chair, Dept. of Criminal Justice, Public Policy & Management) presented at the 2021 Gulf-South Summit Service-Learning Conference on March 17. With her co-presenter, Michael Burns (Community and College Partners Program), Dr. Farley shared the ways that cross-institutional collaborations can help connect students with underserved communities, generate partnerships among different student types from multiple disciplines, and imbue a sense of self-efficacy, analytical skills, and personal development within our students. These multi-institution collaborations were highlighted as a model for service learning.

Dr. Carla Bluhm, Associate professor of Psychology, was one of several co-authors of a case study entitled, Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 1101) Course Redesign at eCore, appearing in G2C Case Study Anthology — Gardner Institute. The peer-reviewed case studies included in this anthology represent the collective work of faculty and staff involved in the Gateways to Completion (G2C) process in the University System of Georgia and at Eastern Michigan University and Western Michigan University.

Dr. Jason Umfress, Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, was elected the national co-chair of the Enrollment Management Knowledge Community (EMKC) for the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA). The EMKC serves as NASPA’s central repository for resources, inquiry, scholarship, and shared best practices that promote understanding and support across varied functional areas on a college campus. As a Student Affairs professional-turned enrollment manager, this resource was instrumental in Dr. Umfress’ professional development; he is excited to work with enrollment management professionals across the country to ensure the organization becomes the nexus for support, connecting theory to practice, and promoting collaboration between these crucial areas of higher education.

The following articles by School of Business & Public Management faculty affiliated with The Reg Murphy Center for Economic and Policy Studies have appeared in The Brunswick News in the last month:

2021 Virtual Service-Learning Symposium
On April 19, the Center for Service-Learning is launching the 9th Annual Service-Learning Symposium for the second year in a row in a fully digital format. The website can be found at https://libguides.ccga.edu/2021Symposium. However, the website will not go live until April 19. The event page contains service-learning presentations and announcements of Excellence in Service-learning Awards. The awards will honor faculty, students, and community partners who displayed excellence in contributing to a service-learning project. The webpage also features service-learning presentations from the past academic year, including Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 projects.

All Things Assessment

The Spring 2021 Assessment Newsletter is now available for viewing. To complement this quarterly publication, a monthly "All Things Assessment" news brief will be issued beginning in April to provide more regular updates to School Deans, Department Chairs, and faculty on all assessment initiatives related to the core curriculum, educational programs and administrative unit assessment plans. One example of the information-sharing to more broadly keep the campus apprised of assessment activities follows: After an exhaustive process of compiling the information needed to demonstrate Coastal Georgia’s compliance with the SACSCOC assessment standards as part of our decennial review, the inaugural April issue of "All Things Assessment" will spotlight these proposed changes to our general education assessment practices to better support our culture of assessment.

2022 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Since its initial meeting on September 18, 2020, the QEP Development Committee has been working on the research and development of key project components. Updates from each of the five subcommittees follow:

  • The Literature Review subcommittee finished their second draft of the literature review. The literature review highlights best practices by institutions that have embraced a holistic campus-wide approach to academic and career advising, demonstrating the connection between curricular and co-curricular endeavors to career competencies.
  • The Marketing & Communication subcommittee sent out a survey to the campus community for input on the name/slogan for the QEP topic. Members of the subcommittee are also working on a potential graphic design to market and brand the QEP initiative across campus.
  • The Curricular & Co-Curricular subcommittee is working on drafting activities for each student learning outcome.
  • The Budget & Resources subcommittee is developing an estimation for the financial, physical, and human resources necessary for developing, implementing, and sustaining the QEP.
  • The Assessment subcommittee is working on revising student learning outcomes and associated assessment activities.

A progress report is compiled and published by the Marketing and Communications subcommittee to chronicle the work of the QEP Development Committee. Please read the March 2021 issue of the 2022 QEP Progress Report to learn more about the selected name for the QEP and what other exciting activities are being planned or taking place. To learn more about the 2022 QEP process visit www.ccga.edu/2022qep.

SACSCOC Liaison Corner
At the heart of SACSCOC's philosophy of Accreditation, "the concept of quality enhancement assumes that each member institution is engaged in the ongoing improvement of its programs and services and can demonstrate how well it fulfills its stated mission." As you know, we were recently called upon to document all our programs and services' quality and effectiveness by preparing and submitting a Compliance Certification Report (CCR) as part of our reaffirmation of accreditation. The completed report was mailed at the end of February to SACSCOC for review by an Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee.

I am very appreciative of Mariner community members who contributed to this successful outcome, with special recognition to our Compliance Certification Review Team (CCRT) – President Johnston, Provost Evans, Jamie Bessette, Michelle Ham, Jason Umfress, Scott Argo, Michael Butcher, Phyllis Broadwell, Terri Harris, Candace Kobbe, Laura Lynch, German Vargas, Debbie Holmes, Lisa Lesseig, Yi Hua, and Ron Harding for their diligence and leadership in guiding us through this first stage on our reaffirmation of the accreditation journey.

Certain CCRT members were assigned a content area(s) given their professional expertise to allow for a more efficient and comprehensive review of policies, procedures, and data to determine compliance, several drafted narratives for various standards, while others offered editorial support and commentary to help finalize our decennial report submission. Several team members coordinated their activities with others on campus with demonstrated expertise to help support their work. Besides me, this included a host of dedicated administrators, faculty, and staff, touching every part of the College – Shane Apps, Cynthia Atwood, Robert Bleil, Deborah Browning, Bee Carlton, Tanya Cofer, Marci Culley, Heather Farley, Jim Fullerton, Jennifer Gray, Ryan Grolemund, Matt Hanak, Jennifer Hatchel, Nichol James, Michele Johnson, Judy Johnston, John Kissinger, Colleen Knight, Cristen Leverett, Anne Manzo, Nicole Masano, Lee McKinley, Brian McLeod, Pat Morris, Lisa McNeal, Paul Melchor, Deborah Miles, Skip Mounts, Lorraine Moyer, Alan Ours, Rebecca Sharpe, Bryan Sipe, Donna Smith, Amy Sneed, Andrea Spivey, Quinton Staples, Anjee Tucker, Dalila Vazquez Herrera, Andrea Wallace, Tyra Warner, Kirsten Waters, Lydia Watkins, Brian Weese, and Jennifer Zak. I extend my appreciation and thanks to "all others" involved, working behind the scenes, who supported our collective efforts.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) worked in concert with the CCRT to facilitate the coordination of the Compliance Certification Report, including the preparation and review of draft narratives, assembling requested support documentation, uploading completed narratives and documentation to the Compliance Assist-Accreditation & Faculty Credentialing modules, and packaging/submitting the Compliance Certification Report.

The organizational approach was one of “half as much narrative and twice as much documentation.” This can be attested (to some degree) by the fact that 1,834 pieces of evidence accompanied the resulting 492-page report.

The Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee is scheduled to meet virtually on April 22 & 23. After the review, the Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee will prepare a separate report, recording and explaining its preliminary findings about compliance. The report will be forwarded to President Johnston sometime in mid-to-late May. A Focus Report may be requested to provide clearer, more detailed explanations on specific compliance standards that may require supplying additional, updated, or new information and/or documentation.

The Focus Report and QEP need to be submitted by September 27 in preparation for the On-Site Reaffirmation Committee's visit on November 8-11.

In closing, thank you to all involved, most sincerely and with great respect.

Jim Lynch

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