Obtaining a Qualtrics Account

IMPORTANT: Please become familiar with the Qualtrics Terms of Use before requesting or using a Qualtrics account. Faculty and staff are responsible for acceptable and accountable use of Qualtrics, including by students whose Qualtrics accounts and projects they approve.

Faculty and Staff
Before a Qualtrics account can be created for a faculty or staff member, a dynamic form must be submitted from this location in the portal:

Forms completed by faculty and staff for their own use will be routed to the Qualtrics administrator for approval. Once the account is approved, the Qualtrics administrator will create the account. The user will then sign onto the portal and access Qualtrics from this tile, located under “Applications” on the left on the screen:

Once created, faculty and staff Qualtrics accounts will remain active for as long as the user is employed by the college, unless the Terms of Use have been violated.

Student use is limited to coursework/research under the supervision of a faculty member or student activities under the supervision of student life staff. Student accounts must be requested by a supervising faculty or staff member using the dynamic form found at the location in the portal shown above.

Requests for student accounts will then be routed to the faculty member’s department chair for approval or, in the case of student accounts requested by staff members, to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

Important Notes about Student Qualtrics Access
  • Before a student survey project can be published or distributed, it must be approved by the supervising faculty or staff member, as shown in the image below. The approving faculty or staff member is fully responsible for the project’s compliance with the Terms of Use.

  • All student Qualtrics accounts will be disabled at the conclusion of the term for which they are requested. If the student requires access for a subsequent term, a new dynamic form must be submitted by the faculty or staff member who will be supervising and accepting responsibility for the student’s survey.

If you have any questions regarding the Qualtrics application, obtaining a Qualtrics account, or acceptable use, please contact Ron Harding in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

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