Volume 5, Issue 1 - June 15, 2020

Mariner Strong – Return Plan
Message from President Michelle Johnston
As you are aware, all institutions in the University System were asked to develop plans for re-opening our campuses for face-to-face instruction in the fall. Part of this plan focused on a gradual, staggered return for employees prior to the fall semester. Our planning process was and continues to be informed by decisions and guidance from the Governor’s Task Force, Georgia Department of Public Health, and CDC. All USG institutions have been asked to begin implementation of the gradual, staggered return to campus plans. To access the current version of our plan:

  1. Log in to the portal ( https://portal.ccga.edu/), and then click on the Intranet tab.
  2. Once on the Intranet, click on “Employees” tab.
  3. You can then choose “Documents” from that page or along the left-hand side.

As new information emerges and changes are made to our plan, new versions will be uploaded. Our Fall 2020 re-opening plans will be posted in this location, as well, in the coming weeks. Many, many thanks to the working groups for leading these planning efforts!

Faculty Scholarship

Dr. Jessica Melilli-Hand, Assistant Professor of English, was invited to present at the National Conference on College Composition and Communication this spring. The conference was initially scheduled to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but had to transition to virtual sessions due to COVID 19. Dr. Melilli-Hand's presentation entitled "From Emoji Myths to Performance Poetry: Learning Brains Just Wanna Have Fun" is included as part of the Visualization for Reflection and Play panel.

Dr. Robert Clark, Assistant Professor of English in the Department of Arts & Humanities, serves as Associate Editor for a newly-launched scholarly journal, Studies in the American Short Story, which is published by the Pennsylvania State University Press. He has an article in the first issue titled "Lydia Davis's Psychological Minimalism," which originated as an essay that he read in Mainz, Germany, at an American Literature Association Symposium focused on new, innovative narratives. Dr. Clark is also completing final edits on a book chapter on Raymond Carver's "Cathedral" and "A Small, Good Thing," his contribution to Handbook of the American Short Story (De Gruyter, expected in late 2020)

Dr. Hector Monford, Assistant Professor of History, was invited to present his research on US public Diplomacy in Cuba during the 1950s at the Society of Historians for American Foreign Relations as part of the “Beyond the Embargo: New Approaches to US – Cuban Relations During the Cold War” panel. Dr. Montford's paper, The “‘Meat’ in the “‘Political Sandwich,” examined how the US Information Agency used American cultural, scientific, and technological achievements to promote the United States to Cuban audiences in the 1950s. Unfortunately, the conference was canceled due to the pandemic, but an abstract of the paper will be included in SHAFR’s virtual conference, which begins on June 18.

Additionally, Dr. Montford created an online archive to preserve and share the memories and experiences of the College of Coastal Georgia community during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The “Coastal Georgia COVID-19 Pandemic Archive” is meant to be a record of how we lived and worked during the pandemic. Visitors can browse images, personal accounts, video recordings, and other materials related to the topic. Additionally, students, staff, faculty, alumni, and anyone with a relationship with Coastal Georgia can contribute to the archive by uploading their own accounts and materials through the “Share Your Experience” link on the website. The link to the archive is https://ccgacovidstories.omeka.net/

Strategic Planning Feedback

The Mariner community is invited to review the 2020 Strategic Planning Progress Report now posted on the Coastal Georgia strategic planning web page. Please send your questions and feedback to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (oie@ccga.edu). Your contributions will be shared with the President's Cabinet and others to ensure you continue to have a voice in the strategic planning process. A virtual forum is being planned in August to discuss the current strategic plan and what is in store for the new academic year.

Faculty & Staff Listening Sessions

Faculty and staff are invited to attend a virtual listening session focused on diversity issues and race relations in response to national and international Black Lives Matter demands for change after the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and others. According to President Michelle Johnston, "the purpose of these sessions will be for the campus leadership to better understand what issues are impacting you, what concerns you have, what resources you need, and what opportunities you think we have to be a better, more inclusive place. We are working on similar opportunities for our students to get involved and to share." Please know this is intended to be the first effort to bring our campus community together for dialogue, whether about the challenges our country faces or about the disparities and lack of support that some see at the College.

Monday, June 15 @ 10am

Monday, June 15 @ 3pm

Tuesday, June 16 @ 10am

Tuesday, June 16 @ 3pm
Boys of Summer - Virtual

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and evolving recommendations from the CDC and other public health organizations, the 2020 Boys of Summer Program (BOSP) will adjust to an online format for the health, safety, and wellness of program participants and staff.

We were excited about the new relaunch this summer with a new approach to mentor students academically, socially, and culturally. We intend to provide the same content to students, even in this new delivery format. Each day during the program, a guest lecturer will speak on a subject below, and there will be a workbook you can download to follow along.

To register for the virtual Boys of Summer click here.

COVID-19 Pandemic - Perceived Stress Among Faculty
Dr. Karen Hambright, Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Neda Moinolmolki, Assistant Professor of Psychology, are recruiting Coastal Georgia faculty participants for an anonymous longitudinal two-part study examining faculty members’ perceptions of stress during the current COVID-19 pandemic. This study will include a brief online questionnaire assessing basic demographic information, and a survey measure of perceived stress at two separate points in time (Time 1: end of Spring Semester 2020 –characterized by high uncertainty) and (Time 2: beginning of Fall Semester 2020 characterized by less uncertainty as to pandemic planning). We hope to survey each participant at Time 1 and Time 2. We are also looking for any effects of the Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Webinar materials. Each questionnaire will take, at most, 20 minutes to complete.

Participation will be entirely voluntary. Refusal to participate will involve no penalty or loss of benefits to which participants are otherwise entitled; moreover, participants may skip any questions and/or discontinue participation at any time without penalty. If you are feeling distressed about the COVID-19 pandemic and feel that answering the questionnaire may exacerbate these feelings, then please feel free to decline to participate. If you feel distressed while answering the questionnaire and do not want to continue then please do not hesitate to stop answering it, no matter how far through it you may be.

The Institutional Review Board at the College of Coastal Georgia has approved this study.

If you consent to participate, please follow the link below to access the survey in Qualtrics open until June 30, 2020:


Thank you for consideration of contributing to this investigation of faculty well-being!

Data Dashboards

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness has created an interactive Tableau Data Dashboards display. The dashboards allow members of our Mariner community to explore admission, enrollment, degree production, and other data variables. To access the data dashboards located on the myCCGA Portal, select "Intranet" from the horizontal navigational bar, and then choose "Departments." Once there, scroll down to "Institutional Data." The dashboards represent official institution data as of the standard reporting census date (snapshot data) unless otherwise indicated. Remember to close your browser when finished to complete the sign-out process. If you require additional information, please complete a data request form.

QEP Topic Selection Update

The QEP Topic Selection Committee have completed their selection of submitted pre-proposal summaries for further development into a full proposal. The full proposals, currently being written by the original proposers, will expand on the original pre-proposal by providing supporting data to demonstrate the need for improvement related to student learning and/or student success. Feedback from constituents will be collected via an online Qualtrics survey in early July.

Upcoming Events
  • June 29 – Summer 2nd Session classes begin
  • July 25 - Summer Grades (due by noon)
  • August 10-14 - Fall Launch (virtual)
  • August 17 - Fall classes begin
  • August 26 - Attendance Verification (due by noon)

Call for Contributions
If you would like to contribute an article, news item, or event notice for our newsletter, please contact Dr. Jim Lynch at jlynch@ccga.edu - Next issue: July 13.

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