SACSCOC Decennial Review Timeline

The 2022 reaffirmation process at the College of Coastal Georgia is an extensive one that requires broad-based participation from everyone across the campus community. The College began its work in Summer 2019 with the creation of a SACSCOC audit repository that was followed by the preparation of a compliance readiness audit. The timeline that follows outlines the activities that have already transpired as well as those on the immediate horizon.

Date Activity
Summer 2019

Create a SACSCOC Audit Repository
  • Create a compliance audit repository to organize, store and evaluate documentation related to compliance certification
  • Populate the repository with compliance documentation from 2017 Fifth-Year Interim Report and other current institutional sources
Fall 2019 Prepare Compliance Readiness Audit
  • Complete audit repository module
  • Approve the list of users to review/validate information related to the area of expertise
  • Announce Reaffirmation Steering Committee (President's Cabinet)
  • Announce Compliance Readiness Audit Team and provide an initial draft of narratives to review
  • Attend leadership orientation at SACSCOC Annual Meeting (December)

Spring 2020

Perform Compliance Readiness Audit / QEP Topic Selection

  • Conduct analysis of compliance to ascertain the extent of agreement
    • Identify compliance issues
    • Identify documentation issues
    • Identify methods to institutionalize processes not currently in place
    • Certify the quality and integrity of data and information
  • Continue work on compliance certification draft narratives
  • Begin QEP topic selection process

Summer 2020

Complete Compliance Certification Narratives / QEP Development

  • Complete compliance certification draft narratives
  • Perform upload of compliance certification narratives and supporting documentation to Accreditation module
  • Select QEP topic/President approves QEP topic

Fall 2020

Prepare Complete Compliance Certification / QEP Development

  • Invite compliance readiness audit reviewers to begin the second round of narrative edits and revisions in the Accreditation module
  • Announce QEP Development Team
  • Conduct research, develop and plan QEP
  • Identify/select QEP Lead Evaluator

Spring 2021
January Finalize Compliance Certification / QEP Development

  • Finalize Compliance Certification narratives
  • Send QEP draft to Lead Evaluator for review and comment
  • Review feedback and make edits to the QEP narrative
  • Ensure requested QEP elements are appropriately addressed
  • Update Institutional Summary Form as part of the Compliance Certification Report

FebruaryComplete Accreditation Module Testing

  • Ensure all links are operational and tied to appropriate documentation
  • Create a read-only copy of the Accreditation module using an archiving process

March Submit Compliance Certification / QEP Revisions

  • Mail compliance certification thumb drives and hard copies of the final Compliance Certification Report to SACSCOC (March 1)
  • Begin QEP plan revisions based on Lead Evaluator feedback
April Off-Site peer review conducted (April 20-23)
Fall 2021
(six weeks before
on-site review)

Submit final QEP and Focused Report (if necessary) to On-Site Reaffirmation Committee

November On-Site peer review conducted (November 8-11)
Spring 2022
March Respond to the On-Site Report of the Reaffirmation Committee, if needed
Summer 2022
June SACSCOC Trustees render reaffirmation of accreditation decision at Summer Board Meeting (June 13-16)

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