Available for students, graduates, faculty, and staff.


Microsoft Teams is cloud-based team collaboration software that is part of the Office 365 suite of applications. The core capabilities in Microsoft Teams include business messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing.

How much does it cost?

Currently enrolled students, graduates, faculty, and staff have access to Microsoft Teams through their Student ID (username for faculty and staff) at no additional cost.


Activity - Most recent activity within the Teams application related to you and your collaborators. This includes messages, calls, replies, etc.

Chat - Like Skype for Business, you may chat with other Teams users individually or in groups.

Teams - Communicate with organized groups for collaboration and sharing resources. Channels and permissions can also be set here.

Assignments - Classes and assignments created by professors within Teams will appear in this category.

Calendar - Calendar that syncs with Outlook & Office 365. See what’s coming up in your week and join meetings by selecting the event.

Calls - Voice and video calls to other Teams users. Provides external calls for users with a college phone.

Files - View collaborative files linked with your OneDrive and Teams groups.


Visit the Teams FAQ Page for a growing list of questions and answers.


A downloadable QuickStart guide provided by Microsoft is availablehere and additional video training may be found here. Additional more in-depth tutorials may be found on Microsoft’s support page here.


Teams may be downloaded on many different personal devices. Links for device specific downloads are available below

The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of upgrades, maintenance and scheduled outages. Users will be informed of outages through portal announcements.

Additional Information:

Microsoft Teams requires an internet connection to function properly.

For faculty and staff, internet security restrictions while connected to VPN will leave Teams inoperable until the VPN connection is ended. However, you may continue to use Teams on your office computer through a Remote Desktop session over VPN.

Students who have officially graduated, and retirees of the college may keep their CCGA email address, and therefore their access to Microsoft Office Teams.

Former students (non graduates) and faculty/staff who no longer attend or work at the college will lose access to Microsoft Office Teams.

Please call the Helpdesk at 912.279.5760, email, or submit a ticket (requires 920######/username login) to request additional information about Microsoft Teams.

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