Terms of Use

About Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an online survey platform used for the creation and distribution of surveys, and the collection, storage, and analysis of survey results. College of Coastal Georgia Qualtrics account holders and users must read and abide by the Qualtrics Acceptable Use Statement.

Faculty and staff are responsible for general oversight of acceptable and accountable use of Qualtrics among their students in accordance with the College's policies. Survey research involving human subjects is required to obtain proper IRB approval. See the College's IRB Policy for help on deciding if your survey requires approval. Qualtrics users are expressly forbidden from asking survey participants for any information classified as "restricted" according to FERPA and HIPAA guidelines. For more information on FERPA and HIPAA, please visit these websites:

Qualtrics will archive and retain survey instruments and survey responses indefinitely. However, College of Coastal Georgia users are responsible for archiving their data to other media such as a local hard drive or flash drive prior to the expiration of the Qualtrics account. The College is not responsible for archiving data.

Proper authorization is required for use of any copyrighted material or third-party logos used in the survey. Please refer to CCGA’s Copyright Policy for more details.

Students, faculty, and staff may use Qualtrics only for Coastal Georgia activities. Student use is limited to coursework/research under the supervision of a faculty member or student activities under the supervision of student life staff.

  • Users are responsible for the content and integrity of their survey data.
  • Users must ensure that they have all the rights and permissions needed to distribute the survey.
  • Users are not permitted to use their Qualtrics account for non-College of Coastal Georgia related activities is.
  • Users may not use inappropriate language or content in the survey itself.
  • Users are not permitted to share their Qualtrics account with unauthorized users.
  • Users will not SPAM or use other forms of unsolicited mass communication in conjunction with Qualtrics.
  • Users must originate their Qualtrics surveys using a valid Coastal Georgia email address.
  • Users are not permitted to misuse Coastal Georgia logos, seals, or trademarks.

Complaints about violations of the Qualtrics software should be reported to Ron Harding, Qualtrics administrator, at 912.279.5774 or rharding@ccga.edu

To ensure compliance with legal obligations, the College's Qualtrics administrator regularly reviews certain content submitted via Qualtrics to determine whether it is illegal or violates these terms. The College's Qualtrics administrator may modify, prevent access to, delete or refuse to display content that may violate the terms of use. The Qualtrics administrator also routinely monitors the volume of surveys and survey respondents for system management purposes. Usage may also be subject to auditing and security testing. If a violation has occurred, or if, in the course of managing the Qualtrics survey service evidence of a violation arises, then the issue will be referred for investigation/disciplinary action that may result in suspension of access to Qualtrics and other repercussions depending on the nature and the severity of the violation.

College of Coastal Georgia employees should be aware that any survey(s) they create or data that they collect or publish may be subject to the Georgia Open Records Act.

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