Dr. Carla Bluhm
Associate Professor Psychology
eCore faculty
USG European Council site director Paris
Email: cbluhm@ccga.edu
Office: ACN 112

Carla Bluhm received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and minor in History at University of Massachusetts Amherst. She then went on to earn a Masters degree at Teachers College Columbia University and was then encouraged to stay for her Masters of Education, and Masters of Philosophy in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University. After taking a year off to teach at the University of Rhode Island, she returned to NYC to work with her mentor Professor John Broughton on theoretical, cultural, and historical psychology and completed her Ph.D. from Columbia University. https://www.tc.columbia.edu/faculty/jmb61/ While working on her Ph.D. she served as a teaching assistant at Columbia for Dr. Herb Terrace of the famed Nim Chimpsky study. https://psychology.columbia.edu/content/herbert-terrace She also worked for New Hope Guild based in Brooklyn as a psychotherapist for over two years with a geriatric population in a skilled nursing facility.

Currently she is known for her work on the psychology of face transplantation having written the first book on the topic Someone Else’s Face in the Mirror Praeger Press. This book she co-wrote with outstanding Allegheny College student Nathan Clendenin. She has been featured numerous times on live television with the BBC and Skynews London. Her work has been featured at numerous conferences both internationally and nationally as well as in the highly regarded American Psychological Association Monitor. https://www.apa.org/monitor/2011/12/face-transplant.aspx

Dr. Bluhm was awarded Professor of the Year from the College of Coastal Georgia and thrives in a teaching environment both online and face to face. She has taught for USG eCore for numerous years and values high level and committed teaching in an environment that supports critical and divergent thinking skill development. She teaches classes across the lifespan as well as clinical classes and a course she is developing related to psychology and the natural world. During the Spring semester of 2019 she will walk an over 250 mile Camino across Portugal into Santiago, Spain to increase her knowledge and thoughts about the psychology of long walks and the natural world. You will be able to follow her adventure here https://wordpress.com/view/sound-and-bites.home.blog.

More recently she has been working on her interests in International Education and has taught with the University System of Georgia European Council in Paris, France. http://www.ecstudyabroad.net/paris/ She was recently appointed site director of that program and will work with the program directors to support students and faculty with their onsite Paris course work, such as field trips and other student experiences related to their studies abroad.

Dr. Bluhm is married and has one daughter who shines bright at Oberlin College.
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