Dr. Neda Moinolmolki
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Email: nmoinolmolki@ccga.edu
Office: ACN107

Ph.D., Human Development and Family Studies, University of Delaware

Research Interests:
Dr. Moinolmolki specializes in applied research on at risk populations, specifically those from minority and immigrant youth backgrounds. Much of her research examines the ecological predictors of psychological well-being and academic achievement of such populations throughout the lifespan.

Recent Publications:
Moinolmolki, N. (2018). Bhutanese refugee adolescents’ school adjustment: The role of acculturation and familial social capital. Intercultural Education. doi:10.1080/14675986.2018.1538040

Moinolmolki, N., & Han, M. (2017). No child left behind: What about refugees? Child Education. 91(1), 3-9. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00094056.2017.1275231

Moinolmolki, N. Gaviria J., & Han, M (2016). Immigrant families and early childhood programs: Addressing the new challenges of the 21st century. In Sutterby.J (Eds.), FamilyInvolvement in Early Education and Child Care.

Courses Taught Regularly:
Human Growth and Development, Adulthood and Aging, Intro to Human Services, Adolescent Development, & Intro to Psychology.

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