Georgia Legislative Exams

Exam Description

The exam is multiple choice with 50 questions (25 for Georgia History and 25 for Georgia Constitution). A student must make a score of 64% to pass the exam. Students are allowed to keep retaking the test until they pass the exam.

Test Preparation

Study materials are located behind the circulation desk at the Gould Memorial Library. They can also be found via Galileo. In addition, students have the options of purchasing said books on Amazon.

Who is this exam for?

A 1975 act of the Georgia Legislature established the requirement that students at state-supported colleges and universities must successfully complete coursework and/or pass examinations in the United States and Georgia constitution in order to earn a degree. Students automatically satisfy this requirement if they pass POLS 1101 at the College of Coastal Georgia or any other UGS institution. Students who have transferred into the College of Coastal Georgia form outside the University System might get credit for POLS 1101 if the student took an equivalent course elsewhere and so met the requirement concerning the US Constitution. However, that student must demonstrate proficiency in the Georgia Constitution by passing CCGA Georgia Constitution Examination.

What items can I bring to the test?

  • Current Photo ID
  • Copy of payment receipt

What are the testing fees?

There is a $5 proctoring fee per exam that must be paid in the Bursars office (located in the Andrews Center) before testing. You are required to make the payment each time that you test. Please double check with the Academic Advisor or a member in the Office of the Registrar to determine which exam you will need to take.

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