Department of Education and Teacher Preparation: Noteworthy News

June 2019
Over the past year, Dr. Amy Sneed, Assistant Professor of Middle Grades Education, and her students, through the College's service-learning initiative, developed lesson modules that focus on the ecology of Cannon's Point Preserve. Recently, the students presented their work to members of the Land Trust staff and CPP's Education Task Force, who provided feedback and suggestions on the curriculum. Once the modules are fully approved, they can be used by middle-grade science teachers from across coastal Georgia to enhance the learning experience of both students and teachers.

March 2019
Dr. Jessica Morris, part-time faculty-instructor of Literacy in Education and Teacher Preparation, read to Altama Elementary School students, along with numerous other community leaders, during their annual Altama Reads Day.

January 2019
Drs. Jack Parish, Director of Field Experiences, Certification & Outreach, and Claire Hughes, Associate Professor of Education, were Scripps National Spelling Bee judges at Glyndale Elementary School on January 11. The Bee's purpose is to "help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives." The winner is now set to compete in the Glynn County Spelling Bee.

October 2018
As noted in a recent Brunswick News article, "Education majors at the College of Coastal Georgia are finding that elementary school education looks dramatically different than it did when they were elementary students. " Dr. Carol Geiken, Lecturer of Education, demonstrated the use of the clinical instruction model at C.B. Greer Elementary School -- College partners with Greer Elementary to provide hands-on experience.

May 2018

The Department of Education and Teacher Preparation faculty are highly committed to ensuring that candidates are prepared to face the realities of the contemporary classroom setting. As a part of this strategic focus, the department is pleased to partner with several Glynn County School District faculty members to offer part-time teaching opportunities. This faculty included Sung Hui Lewis, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Jessica Walczak, instructional coach at Jane Macon Middle School, and Jeremy Foreman, Assistant Principal at Glynn Academy. As evidenced in the pictures below taken during Mrs. Lewis' class, CCGA students have the opportunity to explore teaching and learning as it is experienced in the P-12 classroom setting for Glynn County School District teachers and students. We are excited that CCGA students have been introduced to tactile learning experiences, visible learning, and other components tied to the evidence-based strategies of the district. We look forward to continued reciprocal relationships with the Glynn County School District.

On May 8, Dr. Jennifer Graves, Associate Professor of Education and Mrs. Wanda Shue, Director of Field Experiences, Certification, and Outreach, were honored to attend Educator Signing Days for both Glynn County School District and Liberty County School District. Graduates from both districts joined others across the state in signing letters of intent to positively impact students through pursuit of a career in the field of education. For Glynn County graduates, the DETP is thrilled to welcome nine incoming students. For Liberty County graduates, the DETP faculty will welcome two graduates. We look forward to supporting these students in achieving their dream of making a difference in the lives of P-12 learners.

The Department of Education and Teacher Preparation faculty are pleased to share that partnerships between the college and the local school district continue to emerge. As a part of a strategic focus, the departmental faculty sought to ensure reciprocal relationships with partners whereby P-12 learners were benefiting alongside candidates who were developing the skills required for master teaching. As a part of a literacy course for the spring semester, Mrs. Shue brought candidates onsite at Goodyear Elementary to implement evidence-based practices tied to balanced literacy in the authentic context of the classroom setting. As a part of this field-based initiative, candidates received formative feedback and ongoing encouragement from principal, Dr. Oatanisha Dawson.

The Association of Coastal Educators (ACE), under the direction of Mrs. Wanda Shue and Dr. Amy Sneed, continued onward with a unique tradition for the Department of Education and Teacher Preparation. On May 4th, members of ACE put together a "senior sendoff" party honoring graduates from the early childhood and special education, middle grades education, and secondary education programs. The seniors were celebrated and given the opportunity to pass on words of wisdom for the upcoming senior class. This tradition is a moving experience for all involved. We celebrate the success of our graduates - and look forward to celebrating our rising seniors next year!

April 2018

Drs. Amy Sneed and Carol Geiken supported teacher candidates in the early childhood and special education program and middle grades education program in field-based learning opportunities at Oglethorpe Point Elementary School and Goodyear Elementary School during the spring semester of 2018. Candidates had the opportunity to engage in authentic learning tasks in order to achieve course outcomes. Kudos to these faculty and candidates for ensuring reciprocal relationships with our partnering schools. As candidates developed strength in differentiated instruction, P-5 learners benefited. Job well done!

Congratulations to Brittany Howard for her powerful presentation on her research exploring the influence of student goal setting on the development of growth mindsets in a middle grades English Language Arts (ELA) classroom. Brittany presented her research at the Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Collaborative Exploration (SOURCE) event held on April 13, 2018 at the College of Coastal Georgia. Dr. Amy Sneed served as the faculty sponsor for this powerful learning opportunity! We applaud both Brittany and Dr. Sneed for their scholarly work!

January 2018

The Department of Education and Teacher Preparation is pleased to partner with the Glynn County School System and other surrounding districts to provide authentic learning experiences for teacher candidates in the P-12 classroom setting. We would like to thank our mentor teachers for attending a mentor teacher training held on January 9, 2018 under the direction of Mrs. Wanda Shue who serves as Director of Field Experiences, Certification, and Outreach. We are grateful for the support of highly qualified in-service teachers who partner with us to prepare future educators.

November 2017

After a powerful experience of supporting young readers and writers at Goodyear Elementary, under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Graves, teacher candidates invited these P-5 learners to take a field trip to the College of Coastal Georgia campus for a closing celebration. As teacher candidates reminded learners for the duration of the fall experience, "good readers go to college!" Candidates provided individualized awards to students to celebrate the incredible progress made by students in their ability to use strategies for effective reading and writing. This experience was showcased in the Brunswick News.

October 2017

The Department of Education and Teacher Preparation partnered with Goodyear Elementary School in an effort to increase visible learning strategies within reading instruction. As candidates enrolled in a prescriptive literacy course with Dr. Jennifer Graves were learning how assessment should inform instruction of diverse learners, P-5 students were increasing their ability to employ the strategies required for successful reading. Candidates kicked off the experience with a reading celebration featured in the Brunswick News.

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