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GOAL E 7. Develop and sustain an organizational, fiscal and physical infrastructure that supports and enhances the college community

Objective E 7.1. Ensure all facilities, equipment and technology meet College operational needs, and state/federal requirements while enhancing efficiencies and providing a safe environment
Status Update
  • Transitioned to the new OneUSG platform and was recognized by the USG for strong commitment to the project and extraordinarily clean data; a survey of the College’s employees conducted by the USG showed extremely positive responses related to the transition.
  • Completed the library renovation design with the assistance and approval of a Library renovation/addition committee. Work is underway for the relocation of services during the renovation which is slated for 10 months and will involve three to four phases.
  • Expanded laboratory facilities in psychology to include eye tracking and face tracking hardware and experiment software that integrates with the new and existing Biopac modules that supports the research agenda.
  • Implemented an improved calendar system which now feeds other calendars on campus, including the internal portal calendar and digital signage; the user interface has been drastically improved with new features and accessibility compliance.
  • Completed the new student portal; the student technology fee committee voted to discontinue the old portal, saving $20,000 yearly.
  • Completed the Banner 9 testing environment that identified issues that have been resolved -- final migration from Banner 8 to 9 occurred in mid-July 2018.

Objective E 7.2. Recruit and retain qualified faculty and staff, while promoting both diversity and inclusion
Status Update
  • Explored the development a mentoring system for new Chairs and new faculty in the School of Arts & Sciences to ensure they stay and grow professionally at the institution.
  • Provided all admissions staff members an opportunity to participate in cross-training meetings during a “retreat” with topics that included Tuition Classification, Articulation, Admissions Processing, Dual Enrollment, Event Planning, and Transfer/Non-Traditional student recruitment.
  • Enabled six admission staff members to attend the GACRAO conference in Athens while six staff members attended the GACRAO mid-year workshop in Macon.
  • Obtained approval to hire an Assessment Specialist to help Schools, academic and co-curricular departments, and faculty determine assessment needs, share best practices in assessment and measure how students are meeting learning outcomes.
  • Begun faculty searches earlier to better match the academic calendar.
  • Streamlined hiring processes for improved Human Resources' processing.
  • Hired a D2L/Banner Integration Specialist to support of eLearning unit goals and ensure that online courses are stable and technically sound.
  • Drafted new Human Resources policies and procedures prior to the policy changes initiated by the USG; however, due to senior leadership changes, the College has not acted on these during the academic year.
  • Conducted searches and hired new faculty into the following lines for 2018-19: Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Health Sciences, tenure-track Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, tenure-track Assistant Professor of Sociology, tenure-track Assistant Professor of Chemistry, and Lecturer of English.

Objective E 7.3. Develop and maintain organizational and financial plans that continue to support faculty, staff and student success
Status Update
  • Maintained the practice of utilizing a budget request consolidation list to prioritize funding based on data support.
  • Engaged senior leadership in a series of budget review/planning meetings to determine institutional priorities and align these with Coastal Vision 2021 strategic goals and objectives.

Objective E 7.4. Develop a long-range sustainable plan for athletics
Status Update
  • On hold given senior leadership transition.

Objective E 7.5. Continue the transformation of the institution as a college of choice through the ongoing implementation of the strategic master plan.
Status Update
  • Completed the vast majority of listed projects; a discussion regarding the development of a new master plan will be underway when the new President arrives in summer 2018.

Objective E 7.6. Address all organizational elements at the Camden Center through development of focused strategies
Status Update
  • On hold given senior leadership transition.

Objective E 7.7. Refine and maintain a comprehensive risk management plan that addresses the College’s overall responsibility
Status Update
  • Continued the working partnership between the risk management coordinator and director of internal audit in coordinating a campus-wide approach to assess, analyze, mitigate and monitor risks and opportunities that affect the achievement of CCGA strategic goals and objectives.
  • Identified five high-level risks for CCGA through a campus-wide audit: institutional policies (transition from two-year to four-year college); senior administrator succession; public safety; enrollment trends and housing capacity; and student financial aid -- aligned critical risk factors with strategic objectives as well as assigning a risk overseer to each.
Objective E 7.8. Maintain a sustainable enrollment management plan to ensure continued institutional growth and financial stability
Status Update
  • Engaged with Ruffalo Noel Levitz, an educational consulting organization that offers solutions and services for enrollment, student success, and fundraising for higher education and nonprofit communities, for a two-part assessment: (1) a full forensic of our recruitment & admissions operation; and (2) direction in writing a strategic enrollment plan (SEP) for the college.
  • Performed a comprehensive review of Admission office communication, recruitment, reporting, and processing models; a number of process improvements were implemented and additional enhancements are scheduled over the rest of the current recruiting cycle.
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