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Objective A 1.1. Actively pursue the College’s Complete College Georgia plan to increase student retention, progression, and graduation by enhancing college transition and student success initiatives and partnerships
  • Actively participated in the launch of the Complete College Georgia’s Momentum Year initiative. As part of this initiative, the institution has created a detailed implementation plan with delineated next steps to make steady progress in a variety of activities and strategies. These activities have been categorized around three main themes: Purpose, Programs of Study, and Engagement.
  • Completed development of an advising assessment tool with involvement from the Faculty Senate Committee on Advising to be distributed to faculty and staff in August 2018 that will offer campus input on professional advising and academic services, allowing faculty to build a strategic approach to developing a first-year program for incoming students.
  • Implemented advising programs this year for first-year freshmen based upon focus group/major. Programs included Understanding your Major and How to Register. These programs provided first-year students information necessary to navigate the first year of classes.
  • Developed two tutorial videos in Degree Works that teach students how to navigate the program that will keep them on track toward graduation. The D2L (Brightspace) video assists students in understanding how to use the various elements of the online web platform used for class instruction.
  • Created graduation tasking sheets to improve the orchestration of the December graduation ceremony; however, after discussion with faculty, staff and students, it was decided to move the December graduation ceremony to the Jekyll Island Convention Center as the Coffin Gym did not offer a conducive atmosphere for graduates to experience this educational milestone.
  • Provided appropriate Academic Support Services (Tutoring, Mentoring and Advising and academic coaching) and resources (financial and technology) to 160 low-income and first-generation college students through TRiO to improve academic performance, retention, and graduation.
Objective A 1.2. Enhance programming initiatives to develop a high-quality, vibrant student life program that promotes the physical, social, academic, and emotional health and wellness of students in all campus locations
  • Experienced high reapplication numbers for student housing that assisted Admissions staff who admitted new freshmen/transfers to have full occupancy on campus with over 90 students in College Place Apartments; implemented a room selection day in April 2018 for those students who elected to return to campus housing. During the spring semester, Residence Life worked closely with Financial Aid and the Bursar’s Office to communicate the financial aid/student account requirements to students in order for them to participate in room selection day. Over 150 returning residential students were approved out of nearly 300 students. Assessment of the success of this program will occur from a post-selection day survey.
  • Maintained a strong partnership with Corvias Campus Living to provide resident students with cutting edge technology, décor and security features that enhance the residential experience.
  • Continued to reach out to local high school students and their families to educate them on their financial aid responsibilities; the Financial Aid & Scholarship office conducted 11 workshops both on- and off-campus. Additionally, the office launched an Instagram account to reach students via social media and continues to utilize newsletters, e-mail, snail mail, and postcards to communicate with student and parents.
  • Increased Camden Center programming offerings through collaboration with the full Student Affairs division and leading pre-planning semester meetings to discuss not only Brunswick programming, but also Camden. Just from Fall 16 to Fall 17 there was a 42.11% increase in programming initiatives. Next steps include using data to try and inform offerings in Camden, where able. This will also need to include consistent tracking in event attendance which our new platform, Presence.

Objective A 1.3. Provide opportunities for students to develop leadership competencies
Status Update
  • Enhanced student organization trainings and support while also establishing inaugural advisor training.
  • Provided a series of Mariner Leadership Academy offerings to students.
  • Involved more faculty and staff outside of the Student Affairs Division as “expert” presenters in Mariner Leadership Academy; a “call” was put out seeking proposals and 13 proposals were received.
  • Engaged 149 unique students in Mariner Leadership Academy for fall 2017, resulting in a 129% increase in overall participation over fall 2016.
  • Engaged 140 unique students in Mariner Leadership Academy for spring 2018, resulting in a 16% increase in overall participation over spring 2017.

Objective A 1.4. Promote excellence in and breadth of intramural, club, and intercollegiate athletic programming
Status Update
  • Experienced a successful transition into The Sun Conference.
  • Competed in Sun Conference championships (six of eight varsity teams) while the men’s golf team competed in the NAIA National Championship for the sixth straight season
  • Five Mariners student-athletes earned NAIA All-American recognition
  • Six Mariners student-athletes earned NAIA Scholar-Athlete recognition
  • Sixteen Mariners student-athletes earned All-Conference recognition
  • Fourteen Mariners student-athletes earned Conference All-Academic recognition.

Objective A 1.5. Develop institutional wide diversity initiatives that promote inclusion and global awareness
Status Update
  • Engaged the International Education Advisory Committee (IEAC) throughout the academic year in discussing global awareness initiatives and updating the Committee on international education endeavors.
  • Hosted an International Education Week in November that featured several events on the Brunswick campus and at the Camden Center to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.
  • Hosted three Pakistani and two Tunisian exchange students who actively engaged with the campus and local community in various intercultural capacities during their time at the institution.
  • A total of 33 diversity & inclusion events were sponsored, including six thematic programs such as Hispanic Heritage month, MLK week, LGBTQ + History Month.
  • Partnered with affinity group, PEARL society (organization strives to support and empower women) to host their inaugural Pearl Hat Brunch during Women’s History Month.
  • Planned and hosted nine “Let’s Talk, Coastal” programs in collaboration with Student Life and Academic Affairs.
  • Pursued the establishment of a prospective Diversity and Inclusion student organization as a Black Student Union, but it is still in the development phases.

Objective A1.6. Promote and maintain a multifaceted career-planning program for students that includes essential skills which leads to successful personal and professional transitions
Status Update
  • Placed 1,044 job postings, including 159 Internships posted on Careerlink. 233 new employer accounts created in Careerlink; 187 employers attended job fairs.
  • Established an inaugural Senior Week networking event as a new way for students to interact with employers.
  • Added 187 employer job fair contacts and attended Golden Isles Employer Committee and Golden Isles Chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management meetings and Chamber events to interact directly with employer representatives.
  • Hosted a Camden Center Job Fair and held an inaugural “Nursing Networking Fair” in Brunswick.
  • Explored using a STLR (Student Transformative Learning Record) into the curriculum so that Career Learning objectives can be tracked.
  • Incorporation of career competencies into the classroom is currently being evaluated, and the initiative will be revisited in the fall to seek opportunities of campus-wide support.

Objective A 1.7. Design and update facilities that enhance the delivery of high quality services and programs integral to students’ academic success, physical well-being, social interaction, and personal development
Status Update
  • Coordinated and planned the renovation of the library with the college community to design a new library that fits the needs of the institution; utilized focus groups, surveys and existing committees to determine interests.
  • Evaluated the current physical conditions of Coastal Place Apartments while in consideration of feedback from past residents during summer 2018. Provide detailed assessment of suggested improvements to both physical attributes as well as CPA specific programming.
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