Multifactor Authentication(MFA)

In the ongoing process of keeping information secure, The College of Coastal Georgia utilizes Multifactor Authentication to add a layer of identity verification when accessing information systems.

Multifactor Authentication uses two or more independently categorizes methods to verify a users identity. Forms of authentication can include but are not limited to user credentials, randomly generated PIN codes and hardware tokens.

The goal of Multifactor Authentication is to create a layered defense system to restrict access from an unauthorized person when trying to gain entry to a network, database or information system.

Enroll in Duo Mobile

Watch the video below and follow the instructions on how to enroll in Multifactor Authentication using the Duo Mobile app. Instructions on setting up DUO can also be found here.

Instructions on setting up DUO can be found here.

If you have trouble or need assistance, please contact our Helpdesk here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Multifactor Authentication(MFA) permanent? - Yes

Why is MFA required? - It is a mandatory requirement set forth by the University System of Georgia(USG) to ensure our accounts and critical systems are more secure.

Is the DUO Mobile app free? - Yes

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