Volume 2, Issue 6 - November 6, 2017

New Degree Programs!
The University System of Georgia Board of Regents approved a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management for CCGA at its meeting October meeting.

Environmental Studies
A Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences will equip students with knowledge, tools, and techniques from a variety of disciplines spanning the natural sciences (e.g., geology, chemistry, biology), social sciences (e.g., sustainability, public policy, psychology, economics), and humanities (e.g., history, ethics). The degree program will also build upon existing degree programs in Biological Sciences (concentration in Coastal Ecology) and American Studies (concentration in Environmental and Regional Studies) and strengthened by expanded community-based learning opportunities that incorporate broader approaches from the physical sciences and sustainable development while serving critical needs in the region.

Hospitality & Tourism

The new baccalaureate degree program is a repackaging of the current Hospitality, Tourism and Resort Management concentration within the Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in General Business. The Bachelor's in Hospitality & Tourism Management is a specialized degree that will provide students with the industry knowledge and management skills needed to succeed as a leader in hospitality and tourism, the world's largest service industry. Combining practical skills with management theory, the program positions students to think strategically about the creation of value in a hospitality setting. In addition, the program also stresses core concepts such as leadership, ethics, diversity and communication. After completing the program, students will have the breadth of knowledge about managing and operating different types of hospitality and tourism businesses as well as a depth of knowledge about the business, hospitality, and tourism skills universally needed across such operations.

Mariner Leadership Academy
The Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management is accepting presentation proposals for the Spring 2018 Mariner Leadership Academy. The goal of the Mariner Leadership Academy is to provide leadership development opportunities through presentations and experiences for students at all levels of leadership on both campuses. Therefore, we are sending out a call to the experts-you! Interested in hosting a session for our student leaders? Consider submitting a proposal via the following link: Mariner Leadership Academy Proposal Form

Seaswells Announcement
Seaswells is pleased to announce that our preview issue of High Tide (our new online literature and art journal, which is a companion to our print journal), in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, is now available at www.ccga.edu/seaswells.

This issue went live at the end of October. Unfortunately, domestic violence does not disappear when October ends. Check out the issue for survivors’ stories in their own words, along with a blend of new and republished poetry, photography, prose, and art exploring this difficult but important topic. Contributors include CCGA service-learning and other students, CCGA faculty, and members of our surrounding communities.

The magazine is currently accepting submissions for both the first full issue of High Tide and next issue of Seaswells, which includes annual contests. Submissions for High Tide are open to all undergraduates in the United States, all members of the Golden Isles and surrounding communities, and CCGA faculty and staff, along with CCGA students. Submissions for Seaswells and the contests—with prizes up to $100 in poetry, prose, photography, and art—are open to CCGA students and are due on December 1. A submission “fee” of a donation is suggested to the Glynn Community Crisis Center or America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia. Full guidelines are available at www.ccga.edu/seaswells.

Faculty are asked to encourage students to submit, and submit their own work as well! Representatives of the magazine would love to spend 5-10 minutes in classes explaining the contests and submissions process for both journals. Please email Seaswells at seaswells@ccga.edu or jmelillihand@ccga.edu to set up a class visit. A promotional flyer can be to posted to D2L and/or emailed to students.

Finally, if writing or art aligns with a faculty member's course learning outcomes, please consider offering extra credit for submissions or perhaps replacing the lowest minor assignment grade. Whatever faculty decide, please ask your students to mention that the submission is for extra credit and to copy you on the submission so that you will be aware of who should receive credit.

Thank you for supporting our student-run literature and art journals at CCGA!

Fall 2017 Semester Enrollment Update

According to the University System of Georgia (USG), the headcount enrollment for the 28 System institutions in Fall 2017 was 325,203, representing an increase of 1.1 percent (3,654 students) over the Fall 2016 enrollment of 321,549.1 The Fall full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment increased from 283,860 in 2016 to 286,471 in 2017, an increase of 0.9 percent (2,611 FTE). The portion of students enrolled full-time decreased slightly from 71.2 percent in 2016 to 70.9 percent in 2017.

The College of Coastal had the second largest percentage growth (3.8 percent) in enrollment after Georgia Institute of Technology (9.4 percent). And, among State Colleges, the College ranked first in student enrollment and FTE percentage growth over last year with 3.8 percent and 3.6 percent, respectively.

STATE COLLEGES Fall 2017 Enrollment Fall 2016 Enrollment % Change FTE Fall 2017 FTE Fall 2016 % Change %
Full-Time Enrollment
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College 3,394 3,475 -2.30% 3,024 3,091 -2.20% 72.80%
Atlanta Metropolitan State College 2,501 2,783 -10.10% 1,931 2,138 -9.70% 43.20%
Bainbridge State College 1,746 2,468 -29.30% 1,247 1,801 -30.80% 28.10%
College of Coastal Georgia 3,663 3,529 3.80% 3,078 2,971 3.60% 60.50%
Dalton State College 5,164 5,188 -0.50% 4,421 4,442 -0.50% 63.10%
East Georgia State College 3,003 3,152 -4.70% 2,626 2,766 -5.10% 71.30%
Georgia Gwinnett College 12,287 12,052 1.90% 10,908 10,701 1.90% 67.50%
Georgia Highlands College 6,013 6,013 0.00% 4,877 4,840 0.80% 47.30%
Gordon State College 3,986 3,901 2.20% 3,498 3,383 3.40% 67.40%
South Georgia State College 2,540 2,542 -0.10% 2,185 2,170 0.70% 65.00%

Upcoming Events & Reminders

Fall 2017 Commencement
December 15
2:00 pm
Jekyll Convention Center, Jekyll Island

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