Faculty Development

Faculty Development is an integral component of academic excellence at College of Coastal Georgia. In spring 2017, the Faculty Senate and Office of Academic Affairs approved the creation of a Center for Teaching and Learning that would work with other groups and offices on campus to ensure a robust development program for faculty. At present, the Center for Teaching and Learning works with:

For more questions on the Center for Teaching and Learning, contact Dr. Laura Lynch, Assistant Vice President for Faculty Affairs.

As an institution of the University System of Georgia, College of Coastal Georgia also benefits from the resources of the USG’s Office of Faculty Development.

Promotion and Tenure

Faculty eligible for promotion, tenure, and post-tenure review submit portfolios that are reviewed by the department chair, school dean, the promotion and tenure committee, and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Faculty applying for promotion and tenure have their portfolios additionally reviewed by the President.

Faculty in tenure-track positions also go through a pre-tenure review process three years prior to being eligible for tenure to ensure they are on track for receiving tenure. The pre-tenure review process requires faculty to submit portfolios that are reviewed by the department chair, school dean, and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

For further information, including requirements for the pre-tenure, promotion, tenure, and post-tenure portfolios, see Sections VII and VIII of the Faculty Handbook.

The 2017-2018 Promotion and Tenure Committee, which consists of representatives from each department/school, is:
  • Chair: Dr. Jennifer Gray, Department of Arts & Humanities
  • Dr. Patrizia Stahle, Department of Social Sciences
  • Dr. Jennifer Hatchel, Department of Natural Sciences
  • Dr. Jessica Graves, Department of Education and Teacher Preparation
  • Ms. Beverly Rowe, Department of Nursing
  • Dr. Jim Fullerton, School of Business and Public Management

To assist faculty in these processes, the Office of Academic Affairs holds workshops during launch week as well as a mandatory information meeting each October for all faculty eligible for pre-tenure, promotion, tenure, and post-tenure. The information meeting includes a panel of faculty from the Promotion and Tenure committee and faculty who have recently gone through the process.

2017 – 2018 Calendars:

The Office of Academic Affairs is holding two technical workshops for those working on promotion/pre-tenure/tenure/post-tenure portfolios:

Microsoft Excel Workshop (for summarizing course evaluation data)
Friday, December 8 from 2 – 3:30pm
Library – Sapelo Island Computer Lab

Adobe Pro Workshop (for electronic submission of portfolio)
Friday, December 15 from 10:30 – 11:30am
Library – Sapelo Island Computer Lab

Faculty Conference Opportunities

College of Coastal Georgia faculty are encouraged to travel to conferences locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. Travel money is available for all faculty interested in attending conferences as part of their scholarship agenda or for professional development. Details on travel policies and forms can be found on the Business Office's website.

Below are several annual regional conferences. Kennesaw State University’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning maintains a database of teaching conferences available at https://cetl.kennesaw.edu/teaching-conferences-directory. KSU's CETL also maintains a database of teaching journals available at https://cetl.kennesaw.edu/teaching-journals-directory.

Teaching Matters at Gordon State College

Thursday and Friday, March 8 – 9, 2018
Proposal Submission Deadline: January 19, 2018

Teaching Matters is celebrating its sixteenth annual interdisciplinary conference in 2018 at Gordon State College on its main campus (Barnesville, Georgia). Presentations/discussions will focus on innovative and creative pedagogical methods, approaches to various texts and/or concepts, and theories. The conference is open to all of those who have a passion for pedagogy; conference presentations are designed so that educators can share ideas and strategies that promote student success, student engagement, and active learning.For more information, visit http://www.gordonstate.edu/teachingmatters/home.

Interdisciplinary STEM Teaching & Learning Conference in Savannah, GA

Friday and Saturday, March 23 – 24, 2018
Proposal Submission Deadline: October 27, 2017

The purpose of the Interdisciplinary STEM Teaching & Learning Conference is to authentically engage student centered instructional best practices where students learn to think critically to address local, regional, national and global challenges in STEM courses across Georgia’s institutions of higher education. It will provide space for showcasing and discussing the work that is happening to advance STEM teaching and learning. Participants are invited from all USG and Southeast regional colleges and universities, private higher education institutions, research institutions, and K-12 schools. For more information, visit http://academics.georgiasouthern.edu/ce/conferences/stemconference2018/.

USG Teaching & Learning Conference in Athens, GA

Wednesday through Friday, April 4 – 6, 2018
Proposal Submission Deadline: December 31, 2017

This conference brings together faculty, staff, and outstanding students to share ideas and experiences related to Best Practices for Promoting Engaged Student Learning. Conference participants and presenters come from the University System of Georgia and from higher and postsecondary institutions and organizations across the United States. Areas of interest include but are not limited to:
  • Developing Students’ Critical Thinking Skills
  • Distance Learning/Blended Learning
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Developing Collaborative Models
  • Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP)
  • Innovations in Instructional Technology
  • Complete College Georgia Efforts
For more information, visit the Teaching & Learning Conference website.

Gulf South Summit Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Conference in Birmingham, AL

Wednesday through Friday, April 4- 6, 2018
Proposal Submission Deadline: October 27, 2017

The mission of the Gulf-South Summit on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement through Higher Education is to promote networking among practitioners, research, ethical practices, reciprocal campus-community partnerships, sustainable programs, and a culture of engagement and public awareness through service-learning and other forms of civic engagement. For more information, visit http://www.gulfsouthsummit.org/.

Conference on Scholarly Teaching (CoST) at Georgia State University

Friday, May 11, 2018
Proposal Submission Deadline: March 1, 2018

The conference is free and focuses on pedagogical techniques, hybrid teaching, technological teaching practices, collaborative teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning. The theme this year is “Global Conversations in Higher Education.” For more information, visit http://cetl.gsu.edu/events/cetl-annual-conference-scholarly-teaching/.

Research on Teaching and Learning Summit (ROTL) at Kennesaw State University

Friday, October 11, 2018
Proposal Submission Deadline: April 30, 2018

ROTL is an interdisciplinary conference to discuss and share experiences and innovative teaching techniques. The Summit offers concurrent sessions on cutting-edge issues in pedagogy and student learning in a relaxed, congenial atmosphere. There are also opportunities for participants to network with fellow educators. Participants report that they have learned many new ideas they were able to bring back to campus, and that they have been energized by interacting with a collegial community of educators invested in excellent teaching. For more information or to register, visit https://www.rotlsummit.com/2018/registration.

Past Conferences

Innovation in Teaching Conference at University of Georgia

Friday, October 20, 2017
Proposal Submission Deadline: September 24, 2017

The Innovation in Teaching Conference highlights innovative teaching practices among educators. During this one-day conference, participants share and attend presentations designed to showcase outstanding teaching and new pedagogical approaches in all educational domains. Entering its fourth, year the conference continues to expand, asking attendees to share and take-away ideas and practices that address the "what's next" that pushes us to strive for excellence in education. For more information, visit https://coe.uga.edu/events/2017/10/innovation-in-teaching-conference.

Statewide Fellows and Awards Programs

Governor’s Teaching Fellows: Application Deadline in January/March 2018

Academic Year Symposia Program: Deadline to Apply is March 23, 2018. This program allows participants to attend three-day symposia held six times over the academic year while also engaging in instructional improvement projects on their home campuses. The symposia include a combination of structured instructional and faculty development activities as well as self-directed activities designed to meet individual needs. Participants receive a stipend for each day of full participation on campus to assist with travel expenses and meals. Lodging is provided by the Governor's Teaching Fellows Program.

Summer Symposium Program: Deadline to Apply is January 12, 2018. Participants in this program attend a two-week symposium on the University of Georgia campus. The symposium includes a combination of structured faculty development and instructional activities and independent study on the part of each participant. Participants receive a stipend for each day of full participation on campus to assist with travel expenses and meals. Lodging is provided by the Governor's Teaching Fellows Program.

Applications for the Academic Year Symposia and Summer Symposium (which includes letter of intent, current CV, and a 1-2 page teaching philosophy statement) are turned into Dr. Laura Lynch by the above deadlines. The Faculty Development Committee then reviews the applications, selects a nominee to forward to the Provost and President for final approval. The College can send forth one or several nominations for each of the programs listed below. For more information, visit http://ihe.uga.edu/outreach/governors-teaching-fellows/apply/.

See the November 20, 2017 edition of the Monday Mariner for a Q&A with past CCGA Governor's Teaching Fellows.

Past Deadlines

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Fellows: Application Deadline for 2018-2019 SoTL Fellows was October 20, 2017

This system-wide fellows program will foster a community of learners around the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and provide support while participants design and implement a classroom-based research project. During the length of the program, participants will:

  • Craft research questions to explore their topic of interest
  • Determine type(s) of data needed
  • Determine appropriate methods and analysis
  • Collect data
  • Learn how to analyze data, write up results and conclusions, and prepare manuscripts for publication

Throughout the course of the fellowship, participants will also become familiar with existing scholarly research on teaching and learning and will be encouraged to develop a long-term SoTL research agenda of their own. Equally important, participants will come away with resources that they can use and share on their own campuses as SoTL mentors and advocates. Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a $500 honorarium.

To apply, submit the application materials to Dr. Laura Lynch by October 20. Once all application materials are received, the Faculty Development Committee will review and forward a recommendation to Ms. Hampton by the November USG deadline. For more information, please see the USG SoTL webpage. Also, Dr. Courtenay Miller was the 2016-2017 SoTL fellow from CCGA and is happy to share her experiences.

Regents Awards: Application Deadline for 2018 Regents Awards was November 17, 2017

There are four categories of Regents Awards (click the category for more information):

  1. Teaching Excellence Awards for Department or Program
  2. Teaching Excellence Awards for Online Teaching
  3. Felton Jenkins, Jr. Hall of Fame Faculty Awards
  4. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Awards
To apply, submit all application materials (except a letter from the Chief Academic Officer) to Dr. Laura Lynch by Friday, November 17. Once all application materials are received,
  • the Office of Academic Affairs will review applications for Category 1 and
  • the Faculty Development Committee will review applications for Categories 2 – 4 and forward a recommendation the Deans’ Council.

Ms. Hampton will then prepare nomination letters in time for the USG nomination deadline in December.

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