The Faculty Advisory Committee provides for the orderly voicing of suggestions for the good of the Camden Center, afford added recourse for the consideration of grievances, and furnish a channel for direct and concerted communication between the faculty and the administrative officers of the Camden Center and the College on matters of interest or concern to the campus faculty, students or any other member.

In performing its functions, the Committee engages in such consultations as it may deem to be in the best interest of the Camden Center. A member of the faculty or student is entitled to a conference with the Committee or with any member of it on any matter properly within the purview of the Committee. Matters brought before the Committee by student, staff or faculty will be held in complete confidence except as required for the Committee to work on resolving the matter.


Department of Arts & Humanities

English - Emily Boyle, Lecturer of English

Department of Natural Sciences

Biology - Dr. Jennifer Hatchel, Assoc. Professor of Biology

School of Business and Public Management

Business & Management- Robert North, Adjunct

Culinary Arts - Steve Ingersoll, Asst. Professor Culinary Arts & Richard Cranz Lecturer, Culinary Arts

Librarian - John Kissinger Public Service Librarian, Camden

Department of Natural Sciences

Chemistry - Joseph Lodmell, Lecturer of Chemistry

Department of Social Sciences

History - Patrizia Stahle Assoc. Professor of History

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